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#Jarule PERFORMS at Bucks/Timberwolves halftime and NO ONE GAVE A DAMN! Rule ‘CLAPS BACK’! [vid]



This has to be embarrassing, right? Ja-Rule, multi-platinum selling artist, songwriter/producer and Grammy-NOMINATED performer performed at the Recent Timberwolves/Bucks halftime show and it appears his ‘fans’ had all left for concessions. The CROWD was DEAD and showed little response to his presence!

Take a LOOK at the AWKWARD video below: Continue reading #Jarule PERFORMS at Bucks/Timberwolves halftime and NO ONE GAVE A DAMN! Rule ‘CLAPS BACK’! [vid]


WATCH: #FyreFraud documentary [full ep]

FYRE FRAUD is a true-crime comedy exploring a failed music festival turned internet meme at the nexus of social media influence, late-stage capitalism, and morality in the post-truth era. WATCH the FULL DOCUMENTARY below!
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#Jarule CLAPS BACK at #50Cent concert ticket swipe! [details]

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Yes we are in 2018 but 50 Cent seems to think we are in 1999. If you hadn’t heard, recently, 50 Cent went on Groupon and SWIPED up 200 first row seats to Ja’s show so his set would be ‘EMPTY’. Petty at best right? My remedy to that would be for Ja to simply EXTEND his stage out PAST the 1st row and perform to his LEGIONS of fans and in the process THANK 50 Cent for funding his set and being a FAN all of these years. PROBLEM SOLVED right? LOL.

Well Ja took to social media to CLAP BACK at Fif!
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WAKE UP JAM: #JaRule ‘Always On Time’ feat. #Ashanti [vid]

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Can you believe it’s been 17 years since JaRule dropped ‘Pain Is Love’!? This was Ja’s 3rd album and debuted on Billboard at #1 supported by four singles: “Livin’ It Up”, “I’m Real (Murder Remix)”, “Down Ass Bitch” and “Always on Time” which featured lablemate, Ashanti! And with that..let’s TAKE IT BACK with that HIT SINGLE shall we??


WAKE UP JAM: #JaRule ‘Livin It Up’ feat. #Case [vid]



FOr th ose that FORGET, Ja-Rule has HITS! Hit after hit actually. Let’s TAKE it back a bit with ‘Livin It Up’ featuring Case.


WATCH: #JenniferLopez#VMAVanguard Medley [vid]


Jennifer Lopez was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and she ROCKED the VMA stage for almost 10 minutes with some of her BIGGEST HITS.  DJ Khaled and Ja-Rule joined her as well… TAKE A LOOK! Continue reading WATCH: #JenniferLopez#VMAVanguard Medley [vid]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (kinda) #JaRule! LEAP YEAR ‘Livin It Up’ [vid]


Happy Birthday Ja-Rule!!  Well sorta.  Ja-Rule is a LEAP YEAR baby so he REAL birthday is February 29!!  So he has been here for 41 years , but TECHNICALLY he is 10 year’s OLD!  At any rate, the LEAP YEAR kid is the rapper, songwriter behind MANY a HIT song of his own and others, so HOWEVER he is spending his ALMOST birthday, we wish him the BEST.  We are sure he is still ‘Livin It Up’…and with that LEAD-IN, let’s THROW IT BACK to 2001 with ‘Livin It Up’ with a little help from Case on the HOOK!! Continue reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY (kinda) #JaRule! LEAP YEAR ‘Livin It Up’ [vid]

#Jarule had time.. Ja-Rule and #50Cent Reignite beef! [details]


You may wonder why Ja Rule is trending today!? Well apparently he HAD TIME today and for whatever reason has reopened his BEEF with 50 Cent recounting an incident where 50 got an order of protection out on him out of FEAR! Does anyone remember this?? Well Ja Rule didn’t stop there, he went on a TWITTER TIRADE calling out his old NEMESIS! This is going to escalate to some HILARIOUS memes, but until then–here is what Ja Rule had to say on social media: Continue reading #Jarule had time.. Ja-Rule and #50Cent Reignite beef! [details]