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WAKE UP JAM: #GucciMane ‘Lemonade’ [vid]


Gucci Mane’s ‘Lemonade’ popped into my head so that’s what we are ROLLING with!

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#Guccimane says MONEY got him ‘looking & feeling BETTER’! [Vid]

Do you think MONEY makes life BETTER!? Gucci Mane has a MESSAGE… he says MONEY has made him FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER, DRIVE BETTER, etc.

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#Beyonce UNLEASHES new #IcyPark line! [vid]

icy-park3-theGamuttBeyonce has been BUSY in the background working on the third amalgamation of her UBER-popular IVY PARK line, indubitably called, ICY PARK! The new line has a winter-toned streetwear aesthetics and features looks modeled by the ICE QUEEN herself, Bey, Gucci Mane. Hailey Bieber, Kaash Paige, Akesha Murray, Shi Gray, and Kyla Coleman also make appearances in the new icy Ivy drip. Continue reading #Beyonce UNLEASHES new #IcyPark line! [vid]

#AdidasxIvyPark: #Beyonce TEASES #IcyPark! [Vid]

There is a chill in the air! It’s not just ‘old man winter’, it’s Beyonce heating things up again. AdidasxIvyPark TEASES new WHITE HOT, ‘IcyPark’ line!

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#Verzuz: #Jeezy extends an ‘Olive Branch’–#Guccimane ACCEPTS & more! [Full show]

The FULL EPIC SHOWDOWN between Jeezy & Gucci Mane!!

There were some tense moments, teaching moments and nuggets to live by. VERZUZ between Jeezy & Gucci Mane was one for the AGES.

JEEZY extended an Olive branch and GUCCI MANE accepted and history was made! Relive all the epic moments and award-winning music!

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#VERZUZ #Jeezy vs. #GucciMane! [LIVESTREAM-updated]

It’s ‘SNOW’ time!
‘So Icy’ Gucci Mane and ‘The Snow Man’ battling it out NOW!

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WAKE UP JAM: #SnowDay in ATLANTA! #GucciMane & #Jeezy ‘Icy’ [Vid]


It’s a ‘SNOW DAY’ in ATLANTA! The EPIC showdown between Jeezy & Gucci Mane is going down TONIGHT as VERZUZ kicks off season 2 with a BANG!

Let’s go WAY back with this one…. ‘Icy’!

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#Verzuz SWITCH UP! #Jeezy vs. #GucciMane! [Details]

It’s going to ‘SNOW’ in Atlanta this week!
‘So Icy’ Gucci Mane and ‘The Snow Man’ will battle it out displaying their expansive catalogs!

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NEW VIDEO: #DojaCat ‘Like That’ feat. #GucciMane [vid]

Cancel Doja? Not just YET! Doja Cat came back SWINGING with a new summer bop featuring the COLDEST… Gucci Mane…Brrrrrrrrr!

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Saturday Slingback: #Mario ‘Break-Up’ feat. #GucciMane & #SeanGarrett [vid]



This was a BOP, right!?  Mario, Sean Garrett and Gucci Mane–‘BREAK-UP’!  Just came into my MIND, so…… we are going to SLING IT ON BACK on this FINE Saturday!
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#ThirstTrap Saturday: #GucciMane showing off FAB ABS! [pic]


Gucci MANE is a new MANE man! Since he was released from PRISON this las STINT, all things GUCCI have been COMING up ROSES! MUSIC CAREER still on fire, he married a his LONG TIME leading lady, Keyshia Kayoir and he has really been on a healthy LIFESTYLE kick!

You can WITNESS his GLOW-UP! Gucci USED to be overweight but since walking on the HEALTHY SIDE, he has been ‘slim and Trim like a Bicycle Rim’ as he PUTS IT! Check out GUCCI’s DRAMATIC BODY CHANGE over the past few months!

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NEW VIDEO:#GucciMane #BrunoMars #KodakBlack ‘Wake Up In The Sky’ [vid]


Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars and Kodak Black on one track!  This is a SMOOTHED out lil’ ditty produced by Mars about what else…getting HIGH! LOL. The song, produced by Bruno Mars, DY, Tre and Tarentino, is set to appear on Gucci’s upcoming album Evil Genius, due later this year. TAKE A LOOK!

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