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Flashback Friday: #JackiO ‘Nookie’ [vid]



Since we are talking about Jacki-O… let’s REVISIT a HIP HOP wonder with Jacki-O–THE RAPPER’S hit, ‘Nookie’ for a FLASHBACK FRIDAY treat!!! Continue reading Flashback Friday: #JackiO ‘Nookie’ [vid]

#FBF Flashback Friday: Remember ‘Fun Girl’ #SharonBrown from #GoodTimes!? [vid]


Remember the episode of ‘Good Times’ when Michael was CRUSHING on ‘Fun Girl’, the girl that was in a WHEELCHAIR!! Well GUESS who she is. She is the ACTRESS, Sharon Brown, and she was also the DAUGHTER of the Character ‘Nathan Bookman’ real name Johnny Brown in real life.
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#FlashbackFriday: #RIPMacMiller ‘Dang!’ feat. #AndersonPaak [vid]


REST IN POWER Mac Miller…. Let’s FLASHBACK to 2016’s ‘The Divine Feminine’ with ‘Dang!’ which features Anderson.Paak!
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#FlashbackFriday: #ToniBraxton and ALL the Braxton sisters singing ‘Breath Again’ [vid]

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Now this is a DUSTY one, but CLASSIC still.  Watch Toni Braxton singing ‘Breath Again’ on ‘The Today’ show back in 1994 with Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar providing the backing vocals!


#FlashbackFriday! #JamesBrown TEACHES some of his ICONIC dance moves! [vid]


It’s FRIDAY and we got that FRIDAY FEELING!  Let’s take it back with the ICONIC James Brown!  He DEFINITELY had the MOVES that INSPIRED some of the GREATS!!  Watch some VINTAGE footage of the ‘HARDEST WORKING MAN IN SHOWBIZ’ ‘cuttin a rug!! Continue reading #FlashbackFriday! #JamesBrown TEACHES some of his ICONIC dance moves! [vid]

#FlashbackFriday Venezuelan hunk #TroyPes ‘Los Siento’ [vid]

Snapping selfies in precarious places helped the Sydney-based, Venezuelan-born entrepreneur amass nearly 400K followers on the social platform. His audience is an important ingredient that could launch the 27-year-old into a bonafide recording artist territory, and it begins today.  Let’s go back just a BIT with his premiere “Lo Siento.” Continue reading #FlashbackFriday Venezuelan hunk #TroyPes ‘Los Siento’ [vid]

ON THIS DAY.. #MichaelJackson released ‘Remember the Time’ video on 3 networks at ONCE in 1992! [vid]


Michael Jackson is no STRANGER to breaking records and pushing the ENVELOPE.  HELL, he would create the GOLD STANDARD, then EXCEED it!  On This Day, Februrary 2, 1992, The King of Pop released the BIG BUDGET video, ‘Remember The Time’ on BET, FOX and MTV simulataneously!

This was a NEW THING to do at the time.  The 9 minute visual was promotoed as a SHORT FILM and featured Eddie Murphy,Iman, The Pharcyde, Magic Johnson, Tom “Tiny” Lister, Jr. and Wylie Draper. Directed by John Singleton and choreographed by Fatima Robinson, the video was an elaborate production and became one of Jackson’s longest videos at over nine minutes. It was set in ancient Egypt and featured groundbreaking visual effects for the time!