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#ThirstTrap: #DownToEarth’s #ZacEfron’s AB GAME is SICKNING! [vid]

Zac Efron’s FITNESS game has been KEY to his success in his career so far… Who knew his AB regiment was so GRUELING! Continue reading #ThirstTrap: #DownToEarth’s #ZacEfron’s AB GAME is SICKNING! [vid]

Famed director/photog #DerekBlanks’ steps from behind the lens to show his FITNESS journey! [vid]

Acclaimed photographer and director Derek Blanks is well known for CAPTURING the best of other people on FILM, but with his FITNESS journey, he steps from behind the lens to give us some INSIGHT on his TRANSFORMATION!

Can you keep up!?

And who best to CAPTURE the art of MOTION than a PHOTOG, right? NO GYM NEEDED….

This is ENOUGH MOTIVATION to get moving, right!? I’ve been a fan of Mr. Blanks’ work since his RHOA alter-ego photos that have become ICONIC!



#ThirstTrap Tuesday: #TikTok star #Vassia69 [Vid]

The FANS seem to LOVE TikTok star Vassia69’s THIRST TRAP vids!

Check him out!

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#ThirstTrapThursday: Model/trainer #KingAgu Fab Abs! [pics]

Need GYM-spiration to get serious about your work-outs!? Well, model, fitness trainer King Agu can give you just that with the washboard abs…

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MAG TAG: ‘Men’s Health’-Train like #MichaelBJordan! [vid]

Actor, turned director, Michael B. Jordan covers the latest edition of ‘Men’s Health’ magazine and he TRAINS like a NAVY SEAL to get his IMPRESSIVE physique. YOU TOO can can get RIPPED like MIKE!

Continue reading MAG TAG: ‘Men’s Health’-Train like #MichaelBJordan! [vid]

Celebs FIT and FAB FORTY and above! #MethodMan #Jlo #DavidGuetta #TheRock & More! [pics]

Fitness has no AGE, and alot of our FAVE celebs are proving just that. Celebs like Jlo, Method Man, Kelly Rowland, David Guetta and more are PRIME examples that you can be fit and fabulous at 40 and beyond!

Continue reading Celebs FIT and FAB FORTY and above! #MethodMan #Jlo #DavidGuetta #TheRock & More! [pics]

#EggplantTuesday# Rapper #YKOsiris Thirst trapping on VACAY! [Pics]

So rapper YK Osiris out here THIRST TRAPPIN’ with the vacay Eggplant post…

We ALL like that gratification on social media when we make a great post, right… All for the love of LIKES!


#BlackBoyJoy fitness workout! [Vid]

Fitness should be a priority in our lives these days. Ain’t nothing like some #BLACKBOYJOY getting you motivated in the gym! See if you can keep up with this workout!?

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#TheGamutt #AfterDark: Fitness trainer #ShaunT NUDES resurface! [NSFW]


Fitness guru, Shaun T’s NUDES have resurfaced!

Continue reading #TheGamutt #AfterDark: Fitness trainer #ShaunT NUDES resurface! [NSFW]

#ThirstTrap Tuesday: #KhloeKardashian poses TOPLESS for the GRAM! [Pic]

Khloe Kardashian out here setting THIRST TRAPS for the GRAM! The ‘Revenge Body’ host went TOPLESS on IG!

Continue reading #ThirstTrap Tuesday: #KhloeKardashian poses TOPLESS for the GRAM! [Pic]

#LebronJames RAPS through his #IceBath RECOVERY! [vid]

lebron-ice-bath-thegamuttLeBron James is on top of his GAME for a REASON, right!? Of course. WATCH as he RAPS his way THROUGH his ICE BATH recovery!!! Continue reading #LebronJames RAPS through his #IceBath RECOVERY! [vid]

#ChrisHemsworth gets RIPPED ahead of next #Thor movie! Co-stars REACT! [VID]


Chris Hemsworth is getting SUPER RIPPED for his role in the next ‘Thor’ installment! Some of his FELLOW co-stars REACT to his MONSTER WORKOUT regiments!

Natalie Portman weighed in on “Thor 4” costar Chris Hemsworth’s recent workout photo!
Natalie Portman participated in a new virtual interview with Jimmy Kimmel and said that she’s been training hard for her role in the fourth “Thor” movie, titled “Thor: Love and Thunder.”
Portman also commented on costar Chris Hemsworth’s recent Instagram photo, which showed off his shredded physique. Continue reading #ChrisHemsworth gets RIPPED ahead of next #Thor movie! Co-stars REACT! [VID]