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1st Look: #Beyonce GEARING up for the UPCOMING #IVYPARK (drip) DROP! [pics]

Beyonce fans! Get your DOLLARS in order because King Bey is GEARING UP for the next Ivy Park DRIP DROP! Take a LOOK at some of the FASHIONS coming your way SOON!

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#LilNasX UNOFFICIAL #Nike #SatanShoes sold out IN UNDER A minute! [DETAILS]

Well that’s a WRAP on those COVETED Lil’ Nas X NIKES!

The 666 pairs of the unofficial Nike ‘Satan Shoes’ sold out in under a MINUTE!

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#ThirstTrap Tuesday: #EricaMena sizzles into Spring! [Pics]

Erica Mena SIZZLES and SACHETS her way into Spring in her Fashion Nova fits!

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#SavageSpring: #Rihanna UNVEILS #SavagexFenty Spring Line! [details]

It’s going to be a SAVAGE SPRING! The new Savage x Fenty SPRING line LAUNCHES today!!! Get you a PIECE!

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Get That Look! #ViolaDavis & daughter WOW in #IcyPark fits! [Pics]

Check out the AMAZING Viola Davis & her daughter Genesis STYLING in their new Icy Park outfits!

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#LUSHLIFE: #Future drops 48k on SANDALS made from #BirkinBag! [pics]

It must be NICE to live the LUSH LIFE! Rapper Future has been KILLING the CHARTS for years and has been REAPING the BENEFITS! The ‘Mask Off’ rapper recently dropped $48,000 on some SANDALS that were made from the COVETED Birkin Bag!!

Future’s footwear was crafted from a Hermès Porosus Birkin 35 bag. He captioned the images, “If u see me fighting a crocodile help the crocodile #BIRKĪNSTOCK @mschf.”

The shoes are custom and made to order. There are also several colors to choose from including black and white.

The Post reports that MSCHF has created a black harvested sandal from a $19,500 Clemence Birkin 35, a white sandal pulled from a destroyed $31,000 Porosus Birkin 35 Bag, a second black shoe from an Ostrich Birkin 35 bag worth $24,000 and of course there’s the red version Future is rocking on Instagram!

As for MSCHF, they aren’t referring to their “Birkinstocks” as a collaboration.

Instead, they’re deeming it a “transubstantiation.”The company said, “Historically we make luxury objects out of inherently valuable materials. We can look to the Birkin bag itself as the new luxury raw material par excellence. Birkinstocks, though, are no collaboration; perhaps we might more properly call them a transubstantiation.”MUST BE NICE!!!

Life is good!


#SavagexFenty: #Rihanna COUNTS down to #ValentinesDay![vid]


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#Rihanna is ICY HOT in new #SavagexFenty Winter Looks![PICS]

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#RHOPReunion Season 5 cast serving LOOKS! [PIC]

Like Soul II Soul sang, “YELLOW is the color of SUNRAYS”! The ladies of POTOMAC are serving up FAB looks for the upcoming season 5 reunion!

Who nailed the BEST LOOK in YELLOW!?

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MAG TAG: #Beyonce SLAYS British #Vogue! [Pics]

An Audience With Beyonce…. For December’s edition of British VOGUE!

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#Beyonce previews #IvyParkxAdidas DRIP 2! [PICS]

Beyonce previews her IVYPARK season 2 line ahead of the October 30th release…


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#Beyonce TEASES #IvyPark season 2!? [Details]

Is Beyonce about to stop the fashion world again with a new season of Ivy Park? We seem to think so….

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