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#ArethaHomegoing: #Fantasia does a musical TRIBUTE for the AGES! [vid]


Fantasia takes us to the CHURCH and BACK with her MUSICAL tribute to Aretha Franklin!  When the SHOES come off, you know it’s going to be some ‘SANGING’ going on!  Take a LOOK!!
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STAR TRACKS: #Fantasia #AnitaBaker & #StephanieMills singing TOGETHER! [vid]


IS this too much LEGENDARY status in one sitting?  Stephanie Mills, Anita Baker and Fantasia TOGETHER!? Yes, this ACTUALLY happened as the ladies were BACKSTAGE hanging out and decided to GRACE US with a little TASTE of Baker’s classic, ‘Sweet Love’.  Take a LISTEN! Continue reading STAR TRACKS: #Fantasia #AnitaBaker & #StephanieMills singing TOGETHER! [vid]