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Former 1st Lady #MichelleObama named ‘Most Admired Woman’ in America! [vid]

The National Portrait Gallery unveils official portraits of former President Barack Obama and first lady -  DC
We always knew this, but now the world does too!  Former 1st Lady Michelle Obama has been name the ‘Most Admired Woman’ according to Gallup!!
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NEW VIDEO: #Maroon5 ‘Girls Like You’ V2 feat. #CardiB [vid]


We get a SECOND DOSE of Maroon 5’s MONSTER hit, ‘Girls Like You’ featuring some of the BEST GIRLS in the game, Mary G. Blige, Tiffany Haddish,Camilla Cabello Lily Sighn, Ellen, and Gal Gadot to name a FEW. OF COURSE Cardi B offers up the BARS!!!
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#Ellen scares the SH*T out of #Diddy with a CLOWN! [vid]

Ellen DeGeneres


What is it? Unofficially it is the FEAR of CLOWNS. In the Vox poll – which involved 1,999 Americans and was conducted from 15-17 October this year – 42 percent of people surveyed said they were, in some way, afraid of clowns.

Well one of those PEOPLE not in that percentage is Diddy. Or so he says. The Ciroc mogul was on ‘Ellen’ today (Oct 25) when he PROFESSED to her that he did not FEAR CLOWNS!

“No, impossible,” he said denying the accusation. “I’m a Black man. I have so many other things to be fearful of, a clown isn’t going to scare me. I’m not afraid of clowns.”

Diddy VEHEMENTLY denied having a FEAR of CLOWNS, so Ellen decided to put him to the TEST! WATCH Diddy LITERALLY jump out of his seat!! Continue reading #Ellen scares the SH*T out of #Diddy with a CLOWN! [vid]

#MissyElliott surprises #FunkyWhiteSister #MaryHalsey on #Ellen! [vid]


Do you REMEMBER the lady who did a SPOT-ON karaoke version of Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’? her name is Mary Halsey and her video has gone VIRAL. Demand for Mary has landed her a spot on ‘Ellen’ where she PERFORMED the song again. Little does she know, Missy Elliott is waiting in the WINGS with a BIG SURPRISE!

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#NickiMinaj opens up about a ‘NEW BOY’ in her life on #Ellen! [vid]

Ellen DeGeneres

Nicki Minaj has been in a FEW high-powered RELATIONSHIPS and linked to at least a half a dozen more in her CAREER.  There was Safaree, Meek Mill then rumors about Nas and she being romantically connected and even Eminem.  Nicki SAT DOWN with Ellen to talk about her love life and hints at a NEW SITUATION brewing on the LOVE HORIZON.
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#MissyElliott #EllenDegeneres #ArianaGrande & MORE send out PRAYERS for #DemiLovato! [details]


Celebs and friends around the WORLD are sending out PRAYERS for Demi Lovato after being rushed to the hospital for an apparent HEROIN overdose.

Hip Hop ICON, Missy Elliott and Ellen Degeneres were some of the first to TWEET there sentiments along with countless others:
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#CardiB says #Offset has already named their baby! [details]

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Cardi B just recently made an appearance on the ‘Ellen’ show where she talked about a number of topics ranging from her pregnancy cravings, her RACY Coachella performance and of course her baby.

The ‘Be Careful’ rapper explained to Ellen when asked about her unborn child, she shared that her fiance, Offset had already named their child. Continue reading #CardiB says #Offset has already named their baby! [details]