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STAR TRACKS: #Drake setting THIRST TRAPS at the gym! [pic]


#BigFreedia had to CONTACT #Drake to be in ‘In My Feelings’ vid! [vid]


So BOUNCE MUSIC has been making BIG STRIDES in mainstream music as of LATE, thanks largely in part to Big Freedia.  Beyonce has used her voice and her voice can be heard opening Drake’s MONSTER HIT, ‘Nice For What’ before a BOUNCE BEAT takes over.  So you may wonder, how come Big Freedia wasn’t INCLUDED in the video, right?  MAYBE Drake forgot to give her a SHOUT-OUT during taping.  But what is a FACT that his ‘In My Feelings’ video was shot in New Orleans, so why not get Big Freedia onboard, right?  Well  Big Freedia actually had to REACH OUT to Drake to get featured in the ‘In My Feelings’ visual!
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NEW VIDEO: #Drake ‘In My Feelings’ starring #LaLaAnthony & MORE! [vid]


Drake is back with another STAR-STUDDED visual from his ‘Scorpion’ project.  For ‘In My Feelings’ –the song that LAUNCHED the #InMyFeelingsChallenge thanks to Shiggy, Drake is in New Orleans, trying to WOO back his LADY LOVE played by LaLa Anthony!  Big Freedia and MORE also cameo in the VIDEO!  Check it OUT!! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #Drake ‘In My Feelings’ starring #LaLaAnthony & MORE! [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #Drake ‘Nonstop’ [vid]


Drake drops a NEW visual for ‘Nonstop’ from ‘Scorpion’!  The video follows Drizzy performing at Wireless Festival, popping up at Annabel’s nightclub with French Montana and Quavo, and sips tea while wearing a durag on the rooftop of his hotel and riding through Central London on top of a double-decker bus while fans chase him down. CHECK IT OUT! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #Drake ‘Nonstop’ [vid]

NEW MUSIC: #Drake ‘Fire In The Booth (Freestyle) [vid]

maxresdefault (35)

Straight from the CLUB to the BOOTH–Drake laces the fans with ‘Fire In The Booth (Freestyle). Drake drops an impromptu session for DJ Charlie Sloth on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Take a LISTEN!
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#Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ replaces Drake’s ‘Nice For What’ atop #Billboard! [details]

Drake is RULING the CHARTS! Say what you want, but he CONTINUES to use and ABUSE all contenders on the Billboard Hot 100. This week we see Drake outdoing Drake. That’s right, Drake who’s ‘Scorpion’ project TOPS Billboard 200 Album’s chart, has dethroned himself. “In My Feelings” tops Billboard 100 replacing his other single ‘Nice For What’! This JUMP is due in part to the #InMyFeelingsChallenge that Will Smith, Sterling K. Brown and Ciara have helped make go VIRAL!
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#Drake STOPS TRAFFIC in London filming a video! [vid]


We don’t know what the VISUAL is for, but Drake over the weekend Drake stopped traffic in London filming.  He was seen atop a double -decker bus rapping.
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#WillSmith KILLS the #InMyFeelingsChallenge atop a BRIDGE in #Budapest! [vid]


Things are just 1000 times better once Will Smith touches it RIGHT? Watch Smith totally CRUSH the #InMyFeelingsChallenge atop a BRIDGE in Budapest!

Before he SLAYS the challenge he mutters:
“There is no way, no way this is legal,” ..TAKE a LOOK!!
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#Drake’s NABS 8th #1 debut album with ‘Scorpion’! [details]

drake (1)

Drake is FIRING on ALL cylinders again!  And who says that DOUBLE ALBUMS are the DEVIL?  Drake SHAMED the devil with his LATEST, ‘Scorpion’, snagging his 8th #1 album! Continue reading #Drake’s NABS 8th #1 debut album with ‘Scorpion’! [details]

#ThisIsUs stars #SterlingKBrown & #SusanKelechiWatson BODY the #InMyFeelingsChallenge! [vid]


Drake’s SONG ‘In My Feelings’ has set off a SLEW of challenges and celebs and regular people like you and me have been getting in on the FUN.  There have been some GREAT interpretations of the ‘SHIGGY’, but ‘This Is Us’ star Sterling Brown and his wife may have JUST dropped the MIC on this challenge.  Take a look at these two! Continue reading #ThisIsUs stars #SterlingKBrown & #SusanKelechiWatson BODY the #InMyFeelingsChallenge! [vid]