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#DonLemon SLAMS #DonaldTrump LIVE on #CNN! [Vid]

CNN’S Don Lemon SLAMS President Trump LIVE! He runs down a numerous of attributes of former President Barack Obama that he says Trump is CLEARLY jealous of….

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#DonLemon SPEAKS OUT about #Trump’s ‘shithole’ remarks LIVE on #CNN! [vid]


Don Lemon SPOKE harshly about the president’s use of RACIST rhetoric in reference to the ‘shithole’ remarks he made on yesterday. [In case you missed-REVISIT HERE]. Take a LOOK at the SEETHING commentary the CNN anchor gave that will make ALL OF US take a look at the president’s divisive actions and those that turn a BLIND EYE to this type of hate speech. TAKE A LOOK after the JUMP! Continue reading #DonLemon SPEAKS OUT about #Trump’s ‘shithole’ remarks LIVE on #CNN! [vid]