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HOT SHOT of the DAY! Comedy Kings at #NBAAllStarGame- #ChrisTucker #DaveChappelle #ChrisRock & #KevinHart! [pic]



Look who was COURTSIDE at the NBA All-Star Basketball game?  It’s COMEDY KINGS, Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock and Kevin Hart!  Just imagine what THIS conversation was LIKE!!


KINGS of COMEDY indeed!!






#FaizonLove says #DaveChappelle is only funny to WHITE PEOPLE & MORE! [vid]


Comedian Faizon Love sat down with the INFAMOUS ‘Breakfast Club’ to drop some FACTS or maybe some non facts about Dave Chappelle!

That’s RIGHT, Love is taking a few shots and dropping some valid points about Chappelle’s comedy.  He is claiming that WHITE PEOPLE made Dave Chappelle and that his HIT COMEDY CENTRAL show, ONLY became FUNNY once the late great Charlie Murphy came on board and started writing for Dave!  Check out what ELSE Faizon had to say about his contemporary… Continue reading #FaizonLove says #DaveChappelle is only funny to WHITE PEOPLE & MORE! [vid]

#TheGrammys: #KendrickLamar to be joined onstage by #U2 + #DaveChappelle!?


The 60th annual Grammy Awards is almost here and the STAR POWER of the BIG SHOW keeps getting BRIGHTER and BRIGHTER.  WORD FROM THE CURB is that Kendrick Lamar is opening the show with some pretty HUGE special guests! Continue reading #TheGrammys: #KendrickLamar to be joined onstage by #U2 + #DaveChappelle!?