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NEW MUSIC: #JanetJackson RELEASES SPANISH version of #MadeForNow with #DaddyYankee! [audio]


Janet Jackson CONTINUES to prove that she is IN CONTROL and ALWAYS has been!  The POP ICON just released a SPANISH version of her #1 HIT, ‘Made For Now’ with Daddy Yankee!
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#JanetJackson #MadeForNow Global Streaming DAY! [vid]



We know you are LOVING the new Janet Jackson smash, ‘Made Foe Now’ featuring Daddy Yankee!  Let’s make an IMPACT on the CHARTS!  Today is ‘Janet Jackson Made For Now Global Streaming Day!!  Let’s get those STREAMS up and get our ICON on the CHARTS on her way to another #1!!!!

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#JanetJackson DEBUTS ‘Made For Now’ on #JimmyFallon with #DaddyYankee! [vid]


Janet Jackson debuted her latest single, ‘Made For Now’ on ‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon with a MASSIVE crowd-rousing performance with Daddy Yankee!  Janet gave the most  unapologetically  AFROCENTRIC, international performance we’ve seen in a while!  TAKE A LOOK!
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NEW VIDEO: #JanetJackson ‘Made For Now’ feat. #DaddyYankee [vid]


Our ICON is back and looking and sounding OH SO GREAT. WHAT did you expect, SHe brings it EVERYTIME! Janet Jackson makes a BIG SPLASH back on the music scene with the AFRO-INSPIRED, Harmony Samuels-produced ‘Made For Now’! Daddy Yankee stamps his SIGNATURE SOUND on the single that is sure to SKYROCKET up the CHARTS! We told you that Janet was back in the STUDIO cooking up the follow-up to the multi-platinum 2015 ‘Unbreakable’. The VIDEO offers all kinds of POSITIVE SUMMER VIBES and Janet is SERVING LOOK after LOOK as usual! Take a LOOK at the Dave Meyers-directed visual after the JUMP!

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#JanetJackson TEASES #MadeForNow video with #DaddyYankee! [vid]

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Janet Jackson is COOKING up something BIG with Daddy Yankee. #MadeForNow has been TRENDING with the video IMPACTING on TOMORROW, 8-17-19! Take a LOOK at the TEASE!
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