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Ticketmaster: #JanetJackson #BlackDiamondTour CANCELED!

One of my biggest fears for 2020 has been announced…… According to Ticketmaster, Janet Jackson’s ‘Black Diamond Tour’ has been CANCELED!

No word from Janet’s camp yet…..

Covid-19 has claimed another part of the industries.


#TaylorSwift BUSTS HER ASS onstage in Jersey! [vid]


Taylor Swift was a TROOPER for performing 3 sold-out shows in Jersey over the weekend, but the WEATHER was not on her side.

Performing in POURING DOWN RAIN for 2 of the shows, Taylor takes a TUMBLE onstage, but keeps going like a PRO! Continue reading #TaylorSwift BUSTS HER ASS onstage in Jersey! [vid]