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#CHURCHBEEF! #AndrewCaldwell gets DRAGGED by the #CussingPastor! [vid]


Andrew Caldwell, you know the PARISHIONER that FAMOUSLY  proclaimed he was ‘DELIVERT’ from the sin of HOMOSEXUALITY.  Well since then, he has gone on may a TIRADE about various TOPICS and even CLAIMED he had a SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with former Pittsburgh Steeler standout, Cordell Stewart.  That claim went to COURT and Caldwell lost but that is another story…you can GOOGLE that old news if you care enough. [revisit that HERE]  But NOW, Caldwell has his sights set on another PUBLIC figure.  Have you heard of the #CussingPastor?  He has become VERY POPULAR on social media for his COMEDIC, yet, religious TAKE on topics, but he is a bit UNORTHODOX in his delivery, he cusses, swears and everything else SOME think PASTORS shouldn’t do, but he has and has acquired QUITE a following from it.  Well Andrew does not like it and decided to PICK a fight with him.  His name is  Thaddeus A. Matthews and he hails from Tennessee in case you were wondering.

Here is just a LITTLE TASTE of the Cussing Pastor: Continue reading #CHURCHBEEF! #AndrewCaldwell gets DRAGGED by the #CussingPastor! [vid]


On This Day… In 1999 ‘Life’ the movie was released with #EddieMurphy & #MartinLawrence [vid]


On This Day, April 16th 1999, The movie ‘Life’ was released in theaters!

Life is a 1999 American comedy-drama film written by Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone and directed by Ted Demme. The film stars Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. It is the second film that Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence have worked on, the first being Boomerang. The supporting cast includes Obba Babatundé, Bernie Mac, Anthony Anderson, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Bokeem Woodbine, Guy Torry and Barry Shabaka Henley. The film’s format is a story being told by an elderly inmate about two of his friends, who are both wrongly convicted of murder and given a life sentence in prison. As of 2018, Life stands as the last R-rated feature to date for Eddie Murphy, whose subsequent works have earned either PG or PG-13 ratings.
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#TracyMorgan gets a STAR on the #HollywoodWalkofFame! [details]

Conratulations are in order for COMIC legend, Tracy Morgan!  MORGAN has finally gotten his STAR!!

Just under four years after a truck accident nearly took his life, Tracy Morgan has a new sitcom and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President Leron Gubler opened Tuesday’s ceremony awarding the Walk of Fame’s 2,633rd star with an overview of Morgan’s career, from “Saturday Night Live” to “30 Rock” to his latest show, “The Last O.G.”


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#GaryOwens ‘lets his nuts hang’ on #TheBreakfastClub– trolls rapper #6ix9ine! [vid]


WATCH comedian Gary Owens MOCK rapper 6ix9ine. OF COURSE the rapper will call him CORNY and BORING and act as if he doesn’t know who he is, but it is still FUNNY AS SHIT!!


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Happy #ValentinesDay- Kiki’s ValenTIME’S day make-up tutorial! [vid]

Who’s going out tonight!??

kiki-valentimes-thegamuttWell a lot of the LADIES are hoping, well EXPECTING to be taken OUT tonight for Valentine’s Day, so Benji Brown via Kiki is here to save the DAY! She is going to TEACH you the DO’s and DON’TS of looking good with a NEW ‘VALENTIME’S DAY Make-Up Tutorial! So just pull out your PALETTES, and follow along, especially you ‘DRY-FACED Hoes’! LOL. Continue reading Happy #ValentinesDay- Kiki’s ValenTIME’S day make-up tutorial! [vid]

WATCH: #ColdAsBalls #KevinHart talks with #BlakeGriffin! [full ep]


Kevin Hart and Blake Griffin discuss Oklahoma in the early eighties, NBA Playoffs, and more in this Cold as Balls episode. These two get comfortable with comedy in a tub of ice. Get uncomfortably COMFY with Kevin and BLAKE after the JUMP!
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#BlackHistoryMonth moment via #TraciBraxton & @Notkarltonbanks


It’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH! And we are going to hear ‘Lift Every Voice’ ALL MONTH LONG, right! Well let’s take a LITTLE comedic TWIST to it via Traci Braxton and comedian @NotKarltonBanks!

LOVE YOU TRACI, but this was FUNNY….!


Comedian #SteveBrown didn’t get PAID after crazed fan ATTACK! Patrons to BOYCOTT club until he gets his MONEY! [details]


By now we have ALL seen the video that CLEARLY showed comedian Steve Brown getting ATTACKED on stage by a deranged fan!  In case you missed it, revisit it here.  But now according to ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show’, Brown didn’t get paid for his gig by ‘The Comedy House’! Patrons are BOYCOTTING the venue until justice is SERVED…in other words, until Brown ‘SECURES THE BAG!’

Brown RECOUNTS the event: Continue reading Comedian #SteveBrown didn’t get PAID after crazed fan ATTACK! Patrons to BOYCOTT club until he gets his MONEY! [details]

Comedian #SteveBrown SPEAKS out about the ONSTAGE fight with a ‘fan’ [vid]


Did you see the FIGHT that broke out at The Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina over the weekend?  Well in case you missed the DRAMA, you can revisit it HERE!  The comedian involved in the fight is SPEAKING OUT about WHAT HAPPENED and let’s his fans know he is OK.  TAKE A LOOK! Continue reading Comedian #SteveBrown SPEAKS out about the ONSTAGE fight with a ‘fan’ [vid]

ONSTAGE BRAWL breaks out at #ComedyHouse in Columbia S.C.! [vid]


When COMEDY is not that FUNNY.  There was a HUGE onstage FIGHT that broke out at the Comedy House in Columbia, SC that spread into the CROWD! Continue reading ONSTAGE BRAWL breaks out at #ComedyHouse in Columbia S.C.! [vid]