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Rumor Has It… #KanyeWest #ChildishGambino & #JustinTimberlake will HEADLINE #Coachella 2019! [details]


Although it is some time away, RUMOR HAS IT that Kanye, Justin Timberlake and Childish Gambino will LIKELY HEADLINE Coachella 2019!
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#Briyonce- the teen that MASTERED #Beyonce’s Coachella choreo lands on #Ellen! [vid]



Briyonce the teen that totally ACED Beyonce’s Coachella choreography has gone VIRAL, and landed on ‘Ellen’.

A fan, posted a video –a side-by-side video of her SLAYING Beyonce’s INTRICATE choreography and the VIDEO spread like WILDFIRE! Continue reading #Briyonce- the teen that MASTERED #Beyonce’s Coachella choreo lands on #Ellen! [vid]

#Coachella- #Beyonce brought #JBalvin onstage at #Beychella2 for ‘Mi Gente’ [vid]

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Beyonce never FAILS to give the audience a GREAT show when she is ONSTAGE.  After SHUTTING down the Internet with her 1st weekend at Coachella, the ‘De Ja Vu’ singer switched a FEW things up for her 2nd outing and brought out the Colombian sensation, J Balvin to perform their chart-topper ‘Mi Gente’!  Take a LOOK!! Continue reading #Coachella- #Beyonce brought #JBalvin onstage at #Beychella2 for ‘Mi Gente’ [vid]

#Beychella2: #Coachella weekend 2 HIGHLIGHTS! [vid]



Beyonce isn’t STREAMING part 2 of Beychella, but FANS are going LIVE and we are getting BITS and PIECES of what’s going down!  Check out Bey..she switched up the colors for sure.. and more!



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LIVESTREAM: #CoachellaSXM: Weekend 2 #Beyonce & #TheWeeknd NOW! [audio]



Beyonce won’t be STREAMING her 2nd weekend set on YOUTUBE like last week, but you can still CHECK OUT what’s going on at COACHELLA!  Catch The Weeknd and Beyonce RIGHT NOW BELOW!


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#Beychella PART 2! #Beyonce SWITCHING things up for 2nd #Coachella weekend show![details]



You sit and ponder, ‘How can Beyonce TOP her own Beychella performance a 2nd time around?”  How is this POSSIBLE after she BROKE the INTERNET with her HBCU, unapologetically BLACK and FABULOUS 1st weekend at Coachella?  Well she is and she will.


One dancer says there will be some surprises in store for the singer’s forthcoming set Saturday during Coachella’s second weekend. Continue reading #Beychella PART 2! #Beyonce SWITCHING things up for 2nd #Coachella weekend show![details]

WATCH: #Migos #Coachella Set [full show]


I tried to stay up to watch Migos… and I saw the beginning, BUT… Beyonce had kept me up so late the night before–I was WIPED OUT. I fell asleep on them, but here is there FULL Coachella set! Take a look BELOW!!
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WATCH: #CardiB #Coachella [full set]


Cardi B decked out in ALL white–baby-bump and all gives a MEMORABLE debut to the Coachella stage with guests, G-Eazy, Kehlani, 21 Savage and Chance the Rapper!  Check out the FULL SET below!


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#Coachella highlights! #TheWeeknd fights back tears on ‘Call Out My Name’! [vid]


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After last night’s AMAZING set at #Coachella, #Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ re-enters the charts! [details]


There is no DENYING that Beyonce is a FORCE unlike any other we;ve seen in quite some time.  The STRENGTH of her performance at this weekend’s Coachella has sparked RENEWED interest in ALL THINGS BEY.  The 2 hour plus set at the music festival has catapulted her MULTIPLE-AWARD winning ‘Lemonade’ project back onto the CHARTS!! Continue reading After last night’s AMAZING set at #Coachella, #Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ re-enters the charts! [details]