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#FrankOcean set to HEADLINE #Coachella 2023! [details]


It’s a BIT of a ways off, but Coachella fans can REJOICE…. Frank Ocean is set to HEADLINE the UBER-popular music fest….in 2023 though.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival co-founder Paul Tollett confirms the news! Tollet wants to get music fest goers AMPED again to return to live music concerts.. Continue reading #FrankOcean set to HEADLINE #Coachella 2023! [details]

#Coachella 2021 CANCELED due to the global PANDEMIC! [Details]

As the GLOBAL pandemic still grips the world, life as we used to know it is still on hold.

In light of COVID-19, Coachella 2021 has been canceled!

Continue reading #Coachella 2021 CANCELED due to the global PANDEMIC! [Details]

#Coachella 2020 lineup REVEALED! #TravisScott #RageAgainstTheMachine #FrankOcean HEADLINE! [DETAILS]

The Coachella 2020 lineup has been revealed and Rage Against the Machine, Travis $cott, and Frank Ocean headline!

Check out the line-up for both weekends below!

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#JadenSmith brings out #WillSmith at #Coachella! [vid]


We know we love ALL THINGS SMITH over here!  Willow, Jaden, Jada, Will and the whole FAM!  So for Jaden Smith’s Coachella set, he brought out his ICONIC FATHER and the two PERFORMED together!

The crowd understandably went wild when Will belts out his son’s lyrics to the audience, before staring right into the camera in the clip. Jaden then turns the camera on himself, smiling from ear-to-ear before showing fans cheering with their arms up in the audience. TAKE A LOOK! Continue reading #JadenSmith brings out #WillSmith at #Coachella! [vid]

RUMOR PATROL: #Beyonce & #ArianaGrande got paid THE SAME thing for #Coachella sets! [details]


There have been NUMEROUS outlets reporting that Ariana Grande got paid DOUBLE the amount to headline Coachella than Beyonce did for her GROUNDBREAKING set!

These RUMORS had fans on BOTH SIDES all up in arms and CHOSING SIDES, but we are here to tell you that they BOTH got paid the same THING! Continue reading RUMOR PATROL: #Beyonce & #ArianaGrande got paid THE SAME thing for #Coachella sets! [details]

#ChildishGambino #TameImpala & #ArianaGrande to HEADLINE #Coachella 2019! [details]


AS if Coachella could even TOP Beyonce’s headlining performance, they are TRYING! The HEADLINERS for Coachella 2019 are Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande and Tame Impala!!!
Continue reading #ChildishGambino #TameImpala & #ArianaGrande to HEADLINE #Coachella 2019! [details]

Rumor Has It… #KanyeWest #ChildishGambino & #JustinTimberlake will HEADLINE #Coachella 2019! [details]


Although it is some time away, RUMOR HAS IT that Kanye, Justin Timberlake and Childish Gambino will LIKELY HEADLINE Coachella 2019!
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#Briyonce- the teen that MASTERED #Beyonce’s Coachella choreo lands on #Ellen! [vid]



Briyonce the teen that totally ACED Beyonce’s Coachella choreography has gone VIRAL, and landed on ‘Ellen’.

A fan, posted a video –a side-by-side video of her SLAYING Beyonce’s INTRICATE choreography and the VIDEO spread like WILDFIRE! Continue reading #Briyonce- the teen that MASTERED #Beyonce’s Coachella choreo lands on #Ellen! [vid]

#Coachella- #Beyonce brought #JBalvin onstage at #Beychella2 for ‘Mi Gente’ [vid]

maxresdefault (12)

Beyonce never FAILS to give the audience a GREAT show when she is ONSTAGE.  After SHUTTING down the Internet with her 1st weekend at Coachella, the ‘De Ja Vu’ singer switched a FEW things up for her 2nd outing and brought out the Colombian sensation, J Balvin to perform their chart-topper ‘Mi Gente’!  Take a LOOK!! Continue reading #Coachella- #Beyonce brought #JBalvin onstage at #Beychella2 for ‘Mi Gente’ [vid]

#Beychella2: #Coachella weekend 2 HIGHLIGHTS! [vid]



Beyonce isn’t STREAMING part 2 of Beychella, but FANS are going LIVE and we are getting BITS and PIECES of what’s going down!  Check out Bey..she switched up the colors for sure.. and more!



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LIVESTREAM: #CoachellaSXM: Weekend 2 #Beyonce & #TheWeeknd NOW! [audio]



Beyonce won’t be STREAMING her 2nd weekend set on YOUTUBE like last week, but you can still CHECK OUT what’s going on at COACHELLA!  Catch The Weeknd and Beyonce RIGHT NOW BELOW!


Continue reading LIVESTREAM: #CoachellaSXM: Weekend 2 #Beyonce & #TheWeeknd NOW!

#Beychella PART 2! #Beyonce SWITCHING things up for 2nd #Coachella weekend show![details]



You sit and ponder, ‘How can Beyonce TOP her own Beychella performance a 2nd time around?”  How is this POSSIBLE after she BROKE the INTERNET with her HBCU, unapologetically BLACK and FABULOUS 1st weekend at Coachella?  Well she is and she will.


One dancer says there will be some surprises in store for the singer’s forthcoming set Saturday during Coachella’s second weekend. Continue reading #Beychella PART 2! #Beyonce SWITCHING things up for 2nd #Coachella weekend show![details]