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#Monica & Brandy set to TOUR TOGETHER! [details]

It seems ALL is GOOD in the HOOD. R&B superstars, Monica & Brandy are set to tour together starting this SUMMER!!

Now in the past there has been RUMOR of STRIFE between the ladies, but it appears that is a THING of the PAST.
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#LilYachty talks about WRITING #CityGirls HIT #ActUp! [vid]


Who knew that Lil’ Yachty wrote City Girl’s break out hit ‘Act Up’!? Check him out talking about the process below. Continue reading #LilYachty talks about WRITING #CityGirls HIT #ActUp! [vid]

NEW VIDEO: #CityGirls ‘Twerk’ feat. #CardiB [vid]


The City Girls sent out a CHALLENGE on SOCIAL MEDIA to find the world’s best TWERKER, and here is the OUTCOME. Check out the SUPER HOT video for ‘Twerk’ featuring Cardi B!!!
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