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WAKE UP JAM: #Ciara ‘Body Party’ [Vid]

Wake it up!

Felt like some Ciara…’Body Party’!

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NEW VIDEO: #Ciara ‘Set’ [vid]


Ciara is BACK with a DANCE-HEAVY visual for her single ‘Set’! CiCi with a SHORT, BLONDE wig and her DANCERS take over a SOUND STAGE and the rest is MAGIC! Take a LOOK!

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NEW VIDEO: #Ciara ‘Thinkin Bout You’ [vid]


Now these are some NICE VIBES to lead us into the WEEKEND, right? Ciara dropped the video for her LATEST single, ‘Thinkin Bout You’. We WONDER who that is? Hmmmm???

In the FEEL GOOD visual we see Ciara PLAYFULLY getting ready for a DATE as she SINGS and LIP SYNCS into a BROOM HANDLE and gets a PHONE CALL from her PAL. Issa….we are going to ASSUME its ISSA RAE. Take a LOOK!!
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NEW MUSIC:#Ciara #ThinkinBoutYou [audio]

Ciara is BACK with another new single. I do believe this is the 1st OFFICIAL single from her upcoming new project, ‘Beauty Marks’! Take a LISTEN!! Continue reading NEW MUSIC:#Ciara #ThinkinBoutYou

NEW VIDEO: #Ciara ‘Greatest Love’ [vid]

ciara-greatest love-thegamutt


Ciara is BACK and she is GUSHING about the ‘Greatest Love’ she has ever KNOWN….. I wonder who she’s REFERRING TOO!

I’m sure Future is about to DROP 2 mixtapes tonight that SOUND exactly like the last ones… JUST KIDDING, but not really….

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WAKE UP JAM: #Ciara ‘Oh’ [vid]



Since I just got back from the HOMETOWN, let’s go back with a HOMETOWN classic from Ciara with ‘OH’ featuring Ludacris!
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NEW VIDEO: #Ciara ‘Dose’ [vid]


Ciara is celebrating her BIRTHDAY today, but we are the ones getting gifts…the GIFT of DANCE!  CiCi drops the DANCE-HEAVY single ‘Dose’–pep rally style!  Get into Ciara’s latest and of course all the MOVES that we can’t do…lol.

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#AMAs: #Ciara left the stage SMOKING with #LevelUp / Dose MEDLEY! [vid]


Ciara–Missy Elliott–ONE STAGE! Ciara SET THE BUILDING ON FIRE with a CROWD-ROUSING performance of ‘Level Up’!!
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#BrunoMars ADDS #CharlieWilson #BoyzIIMen #Ciara & #EllaMai to the ’24K Magic’ Tour! [details]


Fans of Cardi B were bummed out to hear the NEW MOM pulled out of Bruno Mar’s ’24K Magic World Tour’, but do not FRET.  Bruno has UPPED the ANTE and added even MORE star power to the road show.  Mars adds Boyz II Men, Ciara, Charlie Wilson, and Ella Mai to the road trek!

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NEW MUSIC: #Ciara ‘Freak Me’ feat.#Tekno [audio]


Hot off of her DANCE ANTHEM ‘Level Up’ Ciara slows it down a bit with a DUTTY WHINE colab with Nigerian sensation, Tekno.  In the AFROBEAT-tinged ditty, Ciara coos:
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NEW MUSIC: #Ciara ‘Level Up’ feat. #Missy & #FatManScoop! [audio]


Ciara, Missy and FatMan Scoop have teamed up again!  This time it’s for CiCi’s remix to ‘Level Up’!  This is the 1st time the TRIO have REUNITED since 2005’s ‘Loose Control’ from Missy.  CHECK IT OUT!!!
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NEW VIDEO: #Ciara #LevelUp [vid]


Ciara is BACK! CiCi SHOWS and PROVES that taking some time off for FAMILY never took her out of the GAME.  Ciara does not miss a BEAT on the HOT NEW single, ‘Level Up’!  Take a LOOK! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #Ciara #LevelUp [vid]