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#ChrisTucker CONFIRMS #RushHour4! [audio]



With all these REBOOTS, revivals and the LIKE, we have all asked the question at least ONCE what about Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan!? The ‘RUSH HOUR’ franchise is a BILLION DOLLAR entity, so it would serve us RIGHT that they would get a SEQUEL, right?

Well AFTER a lot of TALK and BACK and FORTH it appears that they are FINALLY moving forward with a part four and Chris Tucker has confirmed!
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HOT SHOT of the DAY! Comedy Kings at #NBAAllStarGame- #ChrisTucker #DaveChappelle #ChrisRock & #KevinHart! [pic]



Look who was COURTSIDE at the NBA All-Star Basketball game?  It’s COMEDY KINGS, Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock and Kevin Hart!  Just imagine what THIS conversation was LIKE!!


KINGS of COMEDY indeed!!