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#ChrisRock ROASTS #JussieSmollett at 50th #NAACPImageAwards! [vid]

50th NAACP Image Awards - Show

Well we knew this was coming. It’s just been LONG ENOUGH that comedians have had time to GO IN on Jussie Smollett and his LEGAL WOES. All the CHARGES were DROPPED against him, but he is STILL a HOT TOPIC in the industry.

At the 50th Annual NAACP Image Award, acclaimed comedian and actor, Chris Rock was a PRESENTER and he could not MISS OUT on the opportunity to ROAST our brother Jussie Smollett! This is what Chris quipped about: Continue reading #ChrisRock ROASTS #JussieSmollett at 50th #NAACPImageAwards! [vid]

HOT SHOT of the DAY! Comedy Kings at #NBAAllStarGame- #ChrisTucker #DaveChappelle #ChrisRock & #KevinHart! [pic]



Look who was COURTSIDE at the NBA All-Star Basketball game?  It’s COMEDY KINGS, Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock and Kevin Hart!  Just imagine what THIS conversation was LIKE!!


KINGS of COMEDY indeed!!






#ChrisRock OPENS UP about CHEATING on his wife with 3 women and porn addiction in ‘Tambourine’ ! [vid]


Comedians.  They all seem to have one thing in common–they wometime lead tortured lives.  We’ve all seen the laughter, but inside–there is pain.  The pain is manifested into art.  In Chris Rock’s latest comedy special on NETFLIX entitled ‘Tambourine’, Rock taps into some of those pains.

Rock, 53, opens up about the DEMISE of his 19 year marriage to Malaak Compton.

He admits that he was “not a good husband” and candidly talks about cheating on his wife with three different women while on the road.
Continue reading #ChrisRock OPENS UP about CHEATING on his wife with 3 women and porn addiction in ‘Tambourine’ ! [vid]