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MAG TAG: ‘Law & Order’s #ChrisMeloni FIT & FAB at 60 for #MensHealth! [vid]

‘Law & Order’ star Chris Meloni is PROVING that AGE is nothing but a number…because he is FIT and FAB on the cover of ‘Men’s Health’ at 60!!!

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#SVU Reunion: #ChrisMeloni & #MariskaHargitay TEASE NEW ‘Law & Order’series! [Pics]

It’s been a LONG time but ‘Elliot & Olivia’ are REUNITED and it FEELS GOOD… I HOPE!

Chris Meloni just TEASED their much TALKED about REUNION on IG and the fans are in an UPROAR!

The black-and-white photo, the first with the former co-stars ahead of Stabler’s return, features Meloni in the foreground with a seated Hargitay on set looking toward the camera.

“We are a little bit closer,” Meloni teased. Continue reading #SVU Reunion: #ChrisMeloni & #MariskaHargitay TEASE NEW ‘Law & Order’series! [Pics]