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#DonaldGloverPresents NEW MUSIC! [audio]

Surprise! Donald Glover drops off NEW MUSIC!

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#ChildishGambino #TameImpala & #ArianaGrande to HEADLINE #Coachella 2019! [details]


AS if Coachella could even TOP Beyonce’s headlining performance, they are TRYING! The HEADLINERS for Coachella 2019 are Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande and Tame Impala!!!
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TOP SONGS of 2018 and #Obama’s 2018 playlist! [audio]


This year just FLEW BY, but during the YEAR we had a SLEW of MUSIC that would classify as the TOP SONGS of 2018!! Let’s RUN a FEW of our faves down and also take a look at FORMER President Obama’s TOP SONGS OF 2018 as well!!!

Childish Gambino ‘This Is America’

Ella Mai ‘Boo’d Up’


Nicki Minaj ‘Chun Li’

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Rumor Has It… #KanyeWest #ChildishGambino & #JustinTimberlake will HEADLINE #Coachella 2019! [details]


Although it is some time away, RUMOR HAS IT that Kanye, Justin Timberlake and Childish Gambino will LIKELY HEADLINE Coachella 2019!
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WAKE UP JAM: #ChildishGambino ‘Feels Like Summer’ [vid]


Childish Gambino is back with the ANIMATED visual for ‘Feels Like Summer’!!! The visual was Directed by Donald Glover, Ivan Dixon & Greg Sharp
Character Design by Justin Richburg
Co-Produced by Fam Rothstein for Wolf + Rothstein. TAKE A LOOK!

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NEW MUSIC: #ChildishGambino ‘Summertime Magic’ [audio]


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Childish Gambino is in a SUMMER MOOD with the release of ‘Summertime magic’!

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NEW MUSIC: #ChildishGambino ‘Feels Like Summer’ [audio]


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Childish Gambino is READ Y for the SUMMER!  He just dropped a NEW SONG, ‘Feels Like Summer’!  Take a LISTEN! Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #ChildishGambino ‘Feels Like Summer’

White People Need to Deal with the Message of “This is America.” — Rhi Hates Everything

These are NOT my words. This post was written by Rhi Hates Everything..a white woman..

Disclaimer: watch the video so you’re not confused My two word review of Childish Gambino’s new music video “This is America” is simple: it’s genius. Sure, it’s uncomfortable for me to watch. As a white person, that’s part of making sure I’m not contributing to my people’s history of being genocidal assholes. Look, if […]

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This was an INTERESTING read for me… It should be for you as well!


NEW VIDEO: #ChildishGambino ‘This Is America’ [vid]



Hot off of his APPEARANCE on ‘SNL’ Childish Gambino drops the POWERFUL video for ‘This Is America’ directed by Hiro Murai! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #ChildishGambino ‘This Is America’ [vid]

#SNL43: #ChildishGambino PERFORMS new song on #SNL! [vid]


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#DonaldGlover set to host and perform on #SNL! [details]


‘Atlanta’ creator and star, Donald Glover will wear ‘two hats’ May 5th as he HOSTS ‘Saturday Night Live’ and is alter ego is set to be the musical guest!   Continue reading #DonaldGlover set to host and perform on #SNL! [details]

WATCH: #ChildishGambino collaborates with Microsoft to bring #VR experience of #PHAROS to life! [vid]


This is an EXPERIENCE like no OTHER!! Childish Gambino again is PUSHING the envelope and bringing us something NEW and INNOVATIVE!

[via Microsoft]

The event, dubbed “PHAROS,” is a collaboration with Microsoft that works with any mobile phone and some VR headsets.

“We were looking for a special way to debut the album and we wanted to do it live with the band because they were such an integral part of the recording process,” says Wolf Taylor, manager and live producer at Wolf and Rothstein, the band’s management company, who called the event a “one-off to capture VR and debut the record before it was commercially available. We look forward to planning more PHAROS events.” Continue reading WATCH: #ChildishGambino collaborates with Microsoft to bring #VR experience of #PHAROS to life! [vid]