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#Monica & Brandy set to TOUR TOGETHER! [details]

It seems ALL is GOOD in the HOOD. R&B superstars, Monica & Brandy are set to tour together starting this SUMMER!!

Now in the past there has been RUMOR of STRIFE between the ladies, but it appears that is a THING of the PAST.
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Moods & Moments: #HBD #Brandy ‘Scared of Beautiful [live]




by Zam Zhinga


Can you tell me why?

Terrified of busting through

Being the great one I am destined to be

We believe the lie before the truth

The enemy is one that we root

Champion the darkness over the light

I’m scared of me

Scared of the potential

To Rise

To soar.

Afraid to open…

Afraid to let people in

Afraid to be the realest me

I can be

Shatter the mirrors

Bled from the shards

Bandaged my own wombs

Pressed on

Still afraid of what was around that corner.


If not now then when?

Tell me why?

So terrified.


The light makes it hard to run from yourself.

Turn the lamp on.

What are you looking for

Ruffling through that old drawer

The poems are gone.

Only left in you mind.

Recreate and rebuild.

Freedom taken

Steps shackled…

I tripped and fell back at the starting point.

Dust in my eyes

Angst boiling over

Scared of beautiful

Fascinated with the ugliness of the lie


Go cry

Be scared…but keep going

Break down the walls and paint outside the lines

Grapple with your own truths and rise..

Darkness comes before the light…

Daylight shines before night……

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STAR TRACKS: #Brandy & #AmiyaScott on the set of #Star [pic]



Brandy and ‘Star’ co-star, Amiyah Scott are looking FRESH and FLIRTY on the set of the upcoming season of ‘Star’~!


‘Star’ returns for SEASON 3 on September 26th!





STAR TRACKS: #Brandy gets a NEW DO on the set of #Star! [pic]



It looks like Brandy is back at work on hit Fox show ‘Star’.  From the LOOKS OF THINGS, ‘Cassie’ got a NEW DO! Continue reading STAR TRACKS: #Brandy gets a NEW DO on the set of #Star! [pic]

WAKE UP JAM: #Brandy #GladysKnight #Tamia #ChakaKhan ‘Missing You’ [vid]





Sometimes you just don’t understand why things happen the way they do.  I’m at a lost for words today… I’m sorry.

My friend…you will be missed…


ON THIS DAY…20 years ago #Brandy released ‘Never Say Never’! [vids]


Can you believe that it has been 20 years since the release of Brandy’s classic, ‘Never Say Never’!? This is one of my faves if not my FAVORITE Brandy album.

Never Say Never is Brandy’s sophomore album Released by Atlantic Records on June 9, 1998 in United States, Norwood’s label consulted David Foster and upcoming producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and his team to work with her on the record, the latter of who went on to craft the majority of the album and would evolve as her mentor and head producer on succeeding projects in the 2000s.

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Wake Up Jam: #Brandy ‘Right Here (Departed) [vid]


11 (1)



Over the Memorial Day holiday, I saw Brandy on social media FLEXING her vocal PROWESS, and remembered, ‘Bran Nu has some HITS!’  Then I remembered this little gem from her ‘Human’ project–‘Right Here (Departed).   Continue reading Wake Up Jam: #Brandy ‘Right Here (Departed) [vid]

WATCH: #Star season 2 episode 18 ’30 Days to Famous'[full ep]


Take 3’s future as a group is at risk; Noah’s substance abuse jeopardizes his relationships; Simone and Angel’s relationship is tested; Ayanna undergoes a major life change; Cassie and Carlotta’s sibling feud comes to a head. WATCH ‘Star’ season 2 episode 17 BELOW!


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WAKE UP JAM: #Brandy ‘Right Here (Departed)’ [vid]



I was sleeping last night ans this song was in my dream.  I don’t know WHY, it just was.   MAYBE the words were speaking to me and where I am in my life today?  IDK,but we are going to RUN WITH IT… WAKE UP with Brandy’s ‘Right Here (Departed)’.
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WAKE UP JAM: #Brandy ‘Wildest Dreams’ [vid]


Let’s take it back just a TASTE. One of my faves from Brandy’s ‘2 Eleven’ project–‘Wildest Dreams’!