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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! #TheGamutt turns 8!!! [vid]


Guess who’s 8!???

It was January 11, 2011 when an IDEA turned into a way of life for me.  SPARKED by good friend Brillion-A-Million, I decided to start putting my thoughts and likes and IDEAS down in BLOG form.  I must admit I had NO CLUE if anybody would be interested let alone LOG on to read what I had to say.  * years LATER and here we are and HERE you are still logging on DAILY and for that i THANK YOU!! Continue reading HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! #TheGamutt turns 8!!! [vid]

12 JAMS of Christmas: #BoyzIIMen ‘Let It Snow’ feat. #BrianMcKnight [live]


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We continue with our 12 JAMS of Christmas roll-out with a song that we ALWAYS hear at Christmas and has become a NEW classic… BoyzIIMen ‘Let It Snow’ with Brian Mc Knight! Continue reading 12 JAMS of Christmas: #BoyzIIMen ‘Let It Snow’ feat. #BrianMcKnight [live]

#BrunoMars ADDS #CharlieWilson #BoyzIIMen #Ciara & #EllaMai to the ’24K Magic’ Tour! [details]


Fans of Cardi B were bummed out to hear the NEW MOM pulled out of Bruno Mar’s ’24K Magic World Tour’, but do not FRET.  Bruno has UPPED the ANTE and added even MORE star power to the road show.  Mars adds Boyz II Men, Ciara, Charlie Wilson, and Ella Mai to the road trek!

Continue reading #BrunoMars ADDS #CharlieWilson #BoyzIIMen #Ciara & #EllaMai to the ’24K Magic’ Tour! [details]

WAKE UP JAM: #MariahCarey + #BoyzIIMen ‘One Sweet Day’ [vid]



As we we WAKE, we are thankful for another BREATH… we are REMEMBERING the fallen today.  ‘ONE SWEET DAY’ we will be together…. Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #MariahCarey + #BoyzIIMen ‘One Sweet Day’ [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #BoyzIIMen ‘Water Runs Dry’ [vid]


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This is where I am today.. Let’s go back to 1994… Boyz II Men  ‘Water Runs Dry’ from the ‘II’ project!  Still a BOP to me…and the mood I am in TODAY…. Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #BoyzIIMen ‘Water Runs Dry’ [vid]