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#TheCarters- #Beyonce #JayZ & the kids! [pic]

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, Rumi & Sir…. Meet The Carters!

That’s the POST!

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#BlueIvy in a CROWN, uses her 1st #Grammy as a sippy cup in new post![vid]

blueivy-Grammy-theGamutt.pngBlue Ivy is a chip off of the OLD BLOCK as the saying goes. In this case, she come from some pretty IMPRESSIVE ‘blocks’ in parents Beyonce  & Jay-Z.

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#BlueIvy’s experiment REMINDS us of the IMPORTANCE of handwashing in cute PSA! [Vid]

Blue Ivy’s calm and informative voice is the advice we forgot we needed.

Blue took time out of her day to remind us about the IMPORTANCE of handwashing in this era of COVID-19!

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STAR TRACKS: #BlueIvy meets #LebronJames! [Vid]

Blue Ivy is growing up right before our eyes. If she is not songwriting, helping her mega watt mom with choreo or winning NAACP awards, she is just a regular old kid enjoying daddy daughter time out a the Lakers game where she gets to meet Lebron James!

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Happy Birthday #BlueIvy!! [details]


Happy Birthday Blue Ivy!! Beyonce and Jay-Z’s PRECOCIOUS and ADORABLE olderst child turns 7 today!!! Let’s wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
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#WearableArtGala: 3 MORE reasons why we LOVE #BlueIvy! [vid]

giphy (8)


Some celebrity kids we ADORE just by the sheer connection to their UBER popular parents—Anderson Cooper, Romeo Miller, Paris, Prince and Blanket, Willow and Jaden are some names that come to mind.  And there is Blue Ivy!  Since we even knew she was COMING, the sheer thought that the GREAT Beyonce and JAYZ came together to create another BEING fascinated us!  From the picking of her name we were FASCINATED.  From the first baby pics–we were fascinated.  Her hair drew fascination and to this day this 6-year old still FASCINATES us!  If she is not RAPPING and making the Billboard charts, she is CALMING her parents down at the Grammys-Blue AMAZES us.

Over the weekend we got even more reasons to LOVE this kid!

Blue–accompanied by her MEGA-WATT parents were in attendance at granny Tina Lawson’s 2nd Annual Wearable Art Gala at Alexandria Ballrooms in Los Angeles this weekend stole the show as usual!

Her ENTRY alone was captivating.  Look at this little 6-year old–so POISED! Continue reading #WearableArtGala: 3 MORE reasons why we LOVE #BlueIvy! [vid]

#Grammys: #BlueIvy wasn’t too THRILLED with all the APPLAUSE! [vid]


The Grammys went down LAST NIGHT in NYC and there were a lot of CHEERS and JEERS!  JAY-Z was nominated for 8 awards–sadly he won NONE– but still was a good sport and CLAPPED for the winners.  His precocious daughter, Blue Ivy, didn’t appear quite as GRACIOUS..


The cute kid appeared to SHUSH her SUPERSTAR parents as they enjoyed the show from the audience! -lol.

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