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#JimmyFallon APOLOGIZES for #SNL #Blackface Skit from 2000! [VID]

Twenty years later, a blackface SNL skit has come back to HAUNT Jimmy Fallon. The ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum was portraying his friend Chris Rock in full blackface…allbeit an almost spot on impression, the fact remains it was done with dark make-up.

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#Gucci PULLS #Balaclava sweater after #BLACKFACE backlash ! [details]


First Prada and now Gucci!  Gucci is the LATEST luxury designer to DRAW CRITICISM for perpetuating BLACK FACE!

The designers have withdrawn a woollen jumper from sale after the item was criticized for “resembling blackface.” Continue reading #Gucci PULLS #Balaclava sweater after #BLACKFACE backlash ! [details]

#MegynKelly REPLACED with #AlRoker #HodaKotb & #CraigMelvin! [vid]


As we reported last week, NBC AXED Megyn Kelly’s Today talk show due to her stance on BLACKFACE and they were swift in finding a REPLACEMENT for that hour of the TODAY show. Kelly was replaced by Craig Melvin, Hoda Kotb and Al Roker — three of the network’s most prominent anchors of color!
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#MegynKelly OUT! #NBC CANCELS show over BlackFace controversy! [details]


Well it has not been a good week for Megyn Kelly! After her recent remarks about BLACKFACE, NBC AXES her show!

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#Drake RESPONDS to ‘blackface’ photo! [details]


BY NOW everybody has either heard, or HEARD about the SUPER personal DISS track Pusha T dropped in response to Drake’s ‘Duppy Freestyle’.  For the COVER ART, King Push found a photo from Drake’s ACTING DAYS where he was dressed in what looks like ‘black face’.

Drake ADDRESSES the photo and gives some EXPLANATION or context to the ART..  Here is what he had to say on his Instagram story: Continue reading #Drake RESPONDS to ‘blackface’ photo! [details]

Instagram REMOVES ‘blackface’ image from #PushaT’s page! [details]


While a LOT of PEOPLE are LAUDING Pusha T’s CLAP BACK to Drake’s ‘Duppy Freestyle’, INSTAGRAM isn’t.  Well at least they are not a FAN of the COVER ART.  The ‘Blackface’ image that Pusha used has been REMOVED by INSTAGRAM!! Continue reading Instagram REMOVES ‘blackface’ image from #PushaT’s page! [details]