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#Girlfriends ‘reunion’ is going to be EPIC according to #JeniferLewis! [vid]


SET YOUR DVR’s the ‘Girlfriend’s’ “REUNION” on ‘black-ish’ is going to be EPIC! Don’t BELIEVE me, let one of the STARS of the HIT show, Jenifer Lewis SANG it for ya!!

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#Girlfriends cast reunites with #TraceeEllisRoss on #blackish! [Details]

It’s been almost a decade since they have been all on camera together..but the cast of ‘Girlfriend’s are all reuniting…at least for a little while.

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#blackIsh star #JeniferLewis made a STATEMENT for #Kaepernick on the #Emmys red carpet! [vid]


‘black-Ish star’ star Jenifer Lewis is FOREVER the ACTIVIST.  The award-winning entertainer made a HUGE fashion statement on the Emmy’s red carpet last night in support of Colin Kaepernick and Nike! Leaving the GOWNS and HEELS at home for the night, Lewis was donned in Nike head to toe!

“Thank you Colin. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for being courageous. Thank you for taking a knee.”
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#Roseanne show CRITICIZED for #blackISH , #FreshOffTheBoat JOKE! [details]


‘Roseanne’ is just as POLARIZING in the REBOOT as it was in its original run–BUT NOW, we have SOCIAL MEDIA!  On the MOST RECENT episode of the VENERABLE sitcom,  the character ‘Roseanne’ makes a JOKE about shows ‘Fresh Of The Boat’ and ‘black-Ish’.

After falling asleep in front of the TV for hours, Roseanne and Dan Conner (John Goodman) awoke to realize that they fell asleep from “Wheel to Kimmel,” referencing the night’s lineup of shows on ABC.

“We missed all the shows about black and Asian families,” Dan noted, seemingly referencing fellow ABC sitcoms Black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat. That’s when Roseanne offered this response: “They’re just like us. There, now you’re all caught up.”

Are you OFFENDED?  Some people WERE!

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#JeniferLewis (black-Ish)


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