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#BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #ConvictLeasing-Remembering the Blacks that REBUILT the South! [details]


We are CLOSING OUT Black History Month 2019!  The MONTH just FLEW BY!  We will CONTINUE to champion and CELEBRATE the GREAT CONTRIBUTIONS to this COUNTRY and BEYOND by MY PEOPLE!

Before the MONTH is out we have to RECOGNIZE the HARDWORKING BLACKS that helped to REBUILD this COUNTRY–LITERALLY.

Let’s talk about CONVICT LEASING. Convict leasing was a system of penal labor practiced in the Southern United States. Convict leasing provided prisoner labor to private parties, such as plantation owners and corporations (e.g. Tennessee Coal and Iron Company). The lessee was responsible for feeding, clothing, and housing the prisoners. Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #ConvictLeasing-Remembering the Blacks that REBUILT the South! [details]


#BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #NatKingCole was the 1st African-American to reach #1 on Billboard! [vid]



Did you know that Nat King Cole was the 1st AFRICAN-AMERICAN to reach #1 on Billboard and the 1st to host his own American TV series!!?? Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #NatKingCole was the 1st African-American to reach #1 on Billboard! [vid]

Atlanta school has students perform ICONIC poem in #BLACKFACE! Issues apology. [details]


It seems that ‘BLACKFACE’ is the NEW ORANGE…(most of y’all won’t get it.) But let’s move on. Blackface is popping up all over the place now and we don’t know WHY people don’t KNOW THAT THIS IN NO FORM IS NOT A GOOD THING! No matter how you INTENDED IT, the HISTORY of BALCKFACE is DEGRADING and RACIST and DISRESPECTFUL.  Well an ATLANTA school is UNDER fire for having its students RECITE an ICONIC POEM ‘in blackface’! Continue reading Atlanta school has students perform ICONIC poem in #BLACKFACE! Issues apology. [details]

#FBF Flashback Friday: Remember ‘Fun Girl’ #SharonBrown from #GoodTimes!? [vid]


Remember the episode of ‘Good Times’ when Michael was CRUSHING on ‘Fun Girl’, the girl that was in a WHEELCHAIR!! Well GUESS who she is. She is the ACTRESS, Sharon Brown, and she was also the DAUGHTER of the Character ‘Nathan Bookman’ real name Johnny Brown in real life.
Continue reading #FBF Flashback Friday: Remember ‘Fun Girl’ #SharonBrown from #GoodTimes!? [vid]

#BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #JerryLawson- Modern video game pioneer! [details]


You may not know him, but Jerry Lawson is the REASON you can PAUSE video games!

Jerry Lawson helped lay the groundwork for all modern gaming consoles. As chief hardware engineer for Fairchild Semiconductor’s game division in the 1970s, Lawson was largely responsible for the Fairchild Channel F—the first console to include its own microchip and the first to use cartridges.
Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #JerryLawson- Modern video game pioneer! [details]

#BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #AlexanderMiles PERFECTED the modern-day ELEVATOR! [details]



It’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH, and we are continuing to CELEBRATE the achievements and contributions African-Americans have made to SOCIETY as we know it. So let’s talk about Alexander Miles.

Alexander Miles was an African-American inventor who was best known for being awarded a patent for an automatically opening and closing elevator door design in 1887. Contrary to many sources, Miles was not the original inventor of this device. In 1874, 13 years before Miles’ patent was awarded, John W. Meaker was awarded U.S. Patent 147,853 for the invention of the first automatic elevator door system. Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #AlexanderMiles PERFECTED the modern-day ELEVATOR! [details]

On This Day in HISTORY: The #GreensboroFour staged a SIT-IN to protest segregation! [vid]

David Richmond (from left), Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr., and Joseph McNeil leave the Woolworth in Greensboro, N.C., where they initiated a lunch-counter sit-in to protest segregation, Feb. 1, 1960. (No photographers were allowed into the store on the first day of protest.)

ON THIS DAY in HISTORY—BLACK HISTORY. It was February 1, 1960, David Richmond, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr. (Jibreel Khazan), and Joe McNeil, four African-American students from North Carolina A&T State University, staged a sit-in in Greensboro at Woolworth, a popular retail store that was known for refusing to serve African-Americans at its lunch counter. Not long after their protest, sit-ins began occurring across the South, including the North Carolina cities of Charlotte, Durham, and Winston-Salem. These young men came to be known as the Greensboro Four. Continue reading On This Day in HISTORY: The #GreensboroFour staged a SIT-IN to protest segregation! [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #CurtisMayfield ‘Move On Up’ [vid]



It’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH!! So as a PEOPLE for the HUMAN RACE, we all need to do as Curtis Mayfield SAYS and ‘MOVE ON UP’! This song was famously sampled on Kanye West’s ‘Touch The Sky’, but the original song encouraged people to be proud of their upbringing, so as a PEOPLE, we need to be PROUD of where we came from and LOOK FORWARD to where we still have to GO!
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#TheGamutt KICKS off #BlackHistoryMonth! [details]


February is going to be OH SO ELECTRIC this year!!!  The Gamutt is THRILLED to kick off BLACK HISTORY MONTH!

For the few that are not informed, just what is ‘Black History Month and where did it get its origins?


Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African-Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history. The event grew out of “Negro History Week,” the brainchild of noted historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans. Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. Other countries around the world, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also devote a month to celebrating black history. Continue reading #TheGamutt KICKS off #BlackHistoryMonth! [details]

WAKE UP JAM: #PublicEnemy ‘Can’t Truss It’ [vid]




Really, WAKE UP!  It’s time to band together for what’s RIGHT and JUST.  GET OUT AND VOTE! RIGHT NOW, we just ‘CAN’T TRUSS IT! Let’s Go back with a little P.E.!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #PublicEnemy ‘Can’t Truss It’ [vid]