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#BlackHistoryMonth MOMENT: Grappling With The Full Legacy of Racism In The United States! [details]

black-history21-1thegamuttAs we CLOSE out Black History Month 2021, we must speak on the LEGACY of RACISM in the UNITED STATES! I came across this ARTICLE that we just have to talk about because it speaks VOLUMES!!!

In 1926, Carter G Woodson started “Negro History Week” to rectify the fact that Black people “were overlooked, ignored, and even suppressed by the writers of history textbooks and the teachers who use them”.

Woodson chose the second week of February because it coincided with the birthdates of President Abraham Lincoln and the slavery abolitionist Frederick Douglass. In 1970, Black educators and students at Kent State University began using the entire month of February to celebrate and recognize Black triumphs and tribulations. US presidents started to formally designate February as Black History Month in 1976. In recent years, other countries including Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Ireland have formally recognized and celebrated the history of the African diaspora.

But the reality this Black History Month is that there are still numerous obstacles to real racial equity. Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth MOMENT: Grappling With The Full Legacy of Racism In The United States! [details]

#BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #ConvictLeasing-Remembering African-Americans that REBUILT the South! [details]


We are CLOSING OUT Black History Month 2021!  The MONTH seemed to  just FLY BY!


Before the MONTH is out we have to RECOGNIZE the HARDWORKING BLACKS that helped to REBUILD this COUNTRY–LITERALLY.

Let’s talk about CONVICT LEASING. Convict leasing was a system of penal labor practiced in the Southern United States. Convict leasing provided prisoner labor to private parties, such as plantation owners and corporations (e.g. Tennessee Coal and Iron Company). The lessee was responsible for feeding, clothing, and housing the prisoners. Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #ConvictLeasing-Remembering African-Americans that REBUILT the South! [details]

#BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #NatKingCole was the 1st African-American to reach #1 on Billboard! [vid]



Did you know that Nat King Cole was the 1st AFRICAN-AMERICAN to reach #1 on Billboard and the 1st to host his own American TV series!!?? Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #NatKingCole was the 1st African-American to reach #1 on Billboard! [vid]

#BlackHistoryMonth Moment #PaulRobeson [vid]


As we continue to CELEBRATE Black History Month, we would be remiss not to mention the accomplishments of the great Paul Robeson!

Paul Robeson, in full Paul LeRoy Bustill Robeson, (born April 9, 1898, Princeton, N.J., U.S.—died Jan. 23, 1976, Philadelphia, Pa.), celebrated American singer, actor, and black activist. Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth Moment #PaulRobeson [vid]

#BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #AlexanderMiles PERFECTED the modern-day ELEVATOR! [details]


It’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH, and we are continuing to CELEBRATE the achievements and contributions African-Americans have made to SOCIETY as we know it. So let’s talk about Alexander Miles.

Alexander Miles was an African-American inventor who was best known for being awarded a patent for an automatically opening and closing elevator door design in 1887. Contrary to many sources, Miles was not the original inventor of this device. In 1874, 13 years before Miles’ patent was awarded, John W. Meaker was awarded U.S. Patent 147,853 for the invention of the first automatic elevator door system.


Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #AlexanderMiles PERFECTED the modern-day ELEVATOR! [details]

#BlackHistoryMonth Moment #CreeSummer the ‘VOICE’ for #Browngirls!

Yes, we fell in love with ACTRESS Cree Summer as ‘Freddie’ on the hit show ‘A Different World’. But let us also spotlight the fact that she is an accomplished VOICE ACTRESS as well… She is the “voice” behind many of our beautiful brown faces we see in alot of our beloved cartoons!

Take a look at her story!

Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth Moment #CreeSummer the ‘VOICE’ for #Browngirls!

BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #RosaParks [vid]

ON THIS DAY: In 1913, Rosa Parks, whose refusal to give up her seat on a bus to a white man sparked a civil rights revolution, was born Rosa Louise McCauley in Tuskegee.

Continue reading BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #RosaParks [vid]

#BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #NASA scientest and inventor #ValerieThomas invented 3d Movies and MORE! [details]

valerie-thomas2-thegamuttDo you know the AFRICAN-AMERICAN woman who invented 3D Movies and Television. Her name is Valerie Thomas.

Valerie Thomas is an African American scientist and inventor best known for her patented illusion transmitter and contributions to NASA research. She was responsible for developing the digital media formats image processing systems used in the early years of the Landsat program. Continue reading #BlackHistoryMonth Moment: #NASA scientest and inventor #ValerieThomas invented 3d Movies and MORE! [details]

#BlackHistoryMonth moment via #TraciBraxton & @Notkarltonbanks ‘Lift Every Voice’ [live]


It’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH! And we are going to hear ‘Lift Every Voice’ ALL MONTH LONG, right! Well let’s take a LITTLE comedic TWIST to it via Traci Braxton and comedian @NotKarltonBanks!

LOVE YOU TRACI, but this was FUNNY….!


WAKE UP JAM: #JamesBrown ‘Say It Loud’ [vid]

jamesbrown-thegamuttWAKE IT UP!!
SAY IT LOUD… ‘I’m Black & I’m Proud’ Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #JamesBrown ‘Say It Loud’ [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #ArethaFranklin ‘Lift Every Voice & Sing’ [live]

WAKE IT UP! And celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH today and everyday!

Let the IMMORTAL Aretha Franklin sing us into another Black History Month with a rousing rendition of ‘Lift Every Voice & Sing’ LIVE!

Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #ArethaFranklin ‘Lift Every Voice & Sing’ [live]

#TheGamutt KICKS off #BlackHistoryMonth 2021! [details]


February is FINALLY HERE! We need this one BADLY! January was a rough month– NEW ADMINISTRATION– NEW DAY!  We got through an INSERRECTION an INAUGURATION and we are still here and the legacy of our greats WILL be celebrated here….EVERYDAY!


#TheGamutt kicks off BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2021! Continue reading #TheGamutt KICKS off #BlackHistoryMonth 2021! [details]