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Rumor Has It… #DestinysChild to REUNITE at #Coachella! [details]


There have been RUMORS swirling for months that the TOP SELLING trio, Destiny’s Child were reuniting during Beyonce’s Coachella set.  Many sources have quelled those rumors, but it appears that NUMEROUS sources say that this INDEED will happen… we got the DETAILS after the JUMP!!! Continue reading Rumor Has It… #DestinysChild to REUNITE at #Coachella! [details]


#WhoBitBeyonce? #TiffanyHaddish alleges an ACTRESS bit Bey in the FACE at an afterparty! [details]



There has been A LOT of clamor about the night comedian Tiffany Haddish met Beyonce at a concert AFTERPARTY.  Now the comedian is alleging at said party a WELL KNOWN actress BUT Beyonce in the face at the party! Continue reading #WhoBitBeyonce? #TiffanyHaddish alleges an ACTRESS bit Bey in the FACE at an afterparty! [details]

STAR TRACKS: #Beyonce & #JayZ ‘ON THE RUN’ in #Jamaica! [pic]



Beyonce and JAY-Z are already ON THE RUN… The MEGA WATT super-couple was spotted doing a motorcycle tour through Kingston, Jamaica!  And of course the cameras were ROLLING and famed director and long time collaborator  Melina Matsoukas was behind the lens!
Continue reading STAR TRACKS: #Beyonce & #JayZ ‘ON THE RUN’ in #Jamaica! [pic]

#WearableArtGala #TinaLawson brings out the stars for 2nd annual gala! #Beyonce & #GloriaCarter HONORED! [pics]

WACO Theater's 2nd Annual Wearable Art Gala - Arrivals
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Tina Lawson hosted her 2nd annual Wearable Arts Gala in Los Angeles over the weekend at the WACO Theater Center.

The annual fete celebrates fine art and raises a toast to African American artists whose provocative and inspiring pieces were auctioned to raise money for teen mentorship programs, Tina’s Angels and Richard’s Warriors as well as WACO’s Mobile Arts Theater. Continue reading #WearableArtGala #TinaLawson brings out the stars for 2nd annual gala! #Beyonce & #GloriaCarter HONORED! [pics]

#WearableArtGala: 3 MORE reasons why we LOVE #BlueIvy! [vid]

giphy (8)


Some celebrity kids we ADORE just by the sheer connection to their UBER popular parents—Anderson Cooper, Romeo Miller, Paris, Prince and Blanket, Willow and Jaden are some names that come to mind.  And there is Blue Ivy!  Since we even knew she was COMING, the sheer thought that the GREAT Beyonce and JAYZ came together to create another BEING fascinated us!  From the picking of her name we were FASCINATED.  From the first baby pics–we were fascinated.  Her hair drew fascination and to this day this 6-year old still FASCINATES us!  If she is not RAPPING and making the Billboard charts, she is CALMING her parents down at the Grammys-Blue AMAZES us.

Over the weekend we got even more reasons to LOVE this kid!

Blue–accompanied by her MEGA-WATT parents were in attendance at granny Tina Lawson’s 2nd Annual Wearable Art Gala at Alexandria Ballrooms in Los Angeles this weekend stole the show as usual!

Her ENTRY alone was captivating.  Look at this little 6-year old–so POISED! Continue reading #WearableArtGala: 3 MORE reasons why we LOVE #BlueIvy! [vid]

#ToukiBouki! What is the symbolism behind #JayZ & #Beyonce’s #OTRII Poster!??? [details]


Jay-Z and Beyonce has set the NET on FIRE again with  the CONFIRMATION on their ‘On The Run II’ tour.  But what is the SYMBOLISM behind their TOUR POSTERS and imagery?? Continue reading #ToukiBouki! What is the symbolism behind #JayZ & #Beyonce’s #OTRII Poster!??? [details]

#Beyonce & #JayZ CONFIRM #OTRII Tour! Tour dated REVEALED!


SO it IS a THING!  JAY_Z and Beyonce will be hitting the ROAD again this summer with the ‘On The Run II’ WORLD TOUR! LAST WEEK tour dates SLIPPED OUT on Bey’s Facebook page causing a FRENZY for the fans. The DATE was quickly REMOVED with no explanation, But NOW the TOUR has been OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED and will run from June 6-October 2 and travel through Western Europe, the US and Canada, according to a press release.



Bey also posted a few tour teaser images on her Instagram:
Continue reading #Beyonce & #JayZ CONFIRM #OTRII Tour! Tour dated REVEALED!

Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Saluting #MichelleObama #MaxineWaters #Beyonce #CarmenPerez & More! [vid]

Let’s JOIN BET as they HONOR these EXTRAORDINARY women on International Women’s Day! From Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters to Beyonce and Ava DuVernay, we SALUTE you all!!
Continue reading Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Saluting #MichelleObama #MaxineWaters #Beyonce #CarmenPerez & More! [vid]

#JAYZ & #Beyonce MIND-FUCKS the fans. Post ‘On The Run 2’ tour event then RETRACTS! [details]



‘Bonnie & Clyde’ part 22 or NAW?? Beyonce And JAY-Z seemed to be PLAYING with the FANS emotions when a MYSTERIOUS event popped up on Facebook today touting a ‘On The Run 2’ tour ROMP earlier today.

FANS were QUICKLY elated…then feelings were DASHED when the POSTING was RETRACTED!

Continue reading #JAYZ & #Beyonce MIND-FUCKS the fans. Post ‘On The Run 2’ tour event then RETRACTS! [details]

NEW MUSIC: #DJKhaled #TopOff feat. #Beyonce + #JayZ + #Future [audio]


DJ Khaled has kicked off a HUGE NEW CAMPAIGN for his upcoming album and the FIRST MAJOR KEY of the project is another (one) collab with the Carters!  That’s right, Khaled has linked with Beyonce and JAY-Z again for ‘Top-Off’ and some help from Future as well!!  Take a LISTEN!! Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #DJKhaled #TopOff feat. #Beyonce + #JayZ + #Future