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STAR TRACKS: #Beyonce, #DestinysChild #ColinKaepernick #SpikeLee #HalleBerry & more spotted at #TylerPerry studios grand opening! [Pics]

All the STARS were ALIGNED as they flocked to the grand opening of Tyler Perry’s expansive new studio in Atlanta! Perry becomes the first African-American to own a studio full out! Complete ownership- you have to applaud that! Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams Colin Kaepernick, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg and many more were in attendance!

Check the snaps!

Truly epic!

Congratulations to Tyler Perry and the village that made this possible….



STAR TRACKS: #BeyAt37 is trending! Beyonce spotted with the twins, at #Adele’s 31st b-day party and more! [Pics]

Anything Beyonce does makes NOISE! Check out #BeyAt37 posts showing all facets of Queen Bey!

Her with the twins.. Bey as Lisa Bonet, Bey hanging with Adele…the whole 9!

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#KellyRowland wishes her ‘SISTER’ #Beyonce a Happy Birthday! [Details]

Words can not fully express the bond these two share. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland have shared on numerous ocassions their unbreakable connection….

For her 38th BEYDAY…Kelly shared a heartfelt birthday wish to her sisterz in song and of the heart!

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#Beyonce’s #Homecoming Netflix special snags 6 Emmy nods! [Details]

Congrats are in order for Beyonce! As if she hasn’t garnered enough praise and accolades, the international entertainer extraordinaire has a few more nods headed her way.

Her record-breaking ‘Homecoming’ project on Netflix has snagged 6 Emmy nominations!

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ALBUM STREAM: #Beyonce. #TheLionKing #TheGift. [Audio]

It is here…a love letter to Africa curated by Beyonce herself. On the heels of the release of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’, Beyonce drops ‘The Gift’-an album that captures the essence of the live action film and the heart of civilization, Africa!

“This soundtrack is a love letter to Africa, and I wanted to make sure we found the best talent from Africa, and not just use some of the sounds and did my interpretation of it,” the mega-hit singer told Robin Roberts. “We’ve kind of created our own genre, and I feel like the soundtrack, it becomes visual in your mind. It’s a soundscape. It’s more than just the music, because each song tells the story of the film.”

Beyonce shared.

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NEW VIDEO: #Beyonce ‘Spirit’ [vid]

Beyonce’s visually stunning new video for ‘Spirit’ is here! I usually don’t vibe with sappy soundtrack-driven songs because often times they showcase the movie and the message of the entity they are pushing more so than the artist’s true talent…but this one is different! The stunning visuals speak volumes and puts Beyonce’s talent and signature sound front and center!

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NEW MUSIC: #Beyonce ‘Spirit’ [audio]

‘The Lion King’ live action movie from Disney is fastly approaching. And with the roll out comes of course the soundtrack for the movie! Beyonce who voices ‘Nala’ has written, produced and curated a track for the soundtrack entitled ‘Spirit’.

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#Beyonce & #JayZ courtside exchange at #NBAFinals goes VIRAL! [VID]

So Power couple Jay-Z & Beyonce sit courtside at the Raptors/Golden State NBA Finals game. A woman leans over Beyonce to speak to Jay-Z and the look she gives has gone VIRAL! Check out the exchange.

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NEW #TheLionKing movie teaser features #Beyonce as ‘Nala’ [vid]

Finally, fans have been clamoring about what Beyonce will sound like in the new Disney live action ‘The Lion King’, so here it is! The latest teaser features Beyonce as ‘Nala’! Take a look!

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STAR TRACKS: #Beyonce & #KellyRowland spotted at #Janet #MetamorphosisVegas show! [VID]

Two-thirds of Destiny’s Child were spotted in Vegas at Janet Jackson’s ‘Metamorphosis’ Vegas residency over the weekend!Beyonce & Kelly were seen ROCKING out to the pop icon’s vast catalog of HITS!

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RUMOR PATROL: #Beyonce & #ArianaGrande got paid THE SAME thing for #Coachella sets! [details]


There have been NUMEROUS outlets reporting that Ariana Grande got paid DOUBLE the amount to headline Coachella than Beyonce did for her GROUNDBREAKING set!

These RUMORS had fans on BOTH SIDES all up in arms and CHOSING SIDES, but we are here to tell you that they BOTH got paid the same THING! Continue reading RUMOR PATROL: #Beyonce & #ArianaGrande got paid THE SAME thing for #Coachella sets! [details]

WATCH: #Homecoming a film by #Beyonce! [vid]




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