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Remembering #BarbaraBush. #TheObamas & #TheClintons attend the funeral. [vid]


Barbara Bush was the “first lady of the greatest generation.”

Historian Jon Meacham bestowed the title on Barbara Bush while speaking to former presidents, ambassadors and hundreds of other mourners inside the nation’s largest Episcopal church during her funeral Saturday. He recalled the former first lady’s quick wit, as well as her devotion to promoting literacy, bringing awareness to AIDS patients and to her husband of 73 years. Continue reading Remembering #BarbaraBush. #TheObamas & #TheClintons attend the funeral. [vid]

#WednesdayWisdom Words of wisdom from #BarbaraBush! [details]


Barbara Bush – wife of one president and mother of another – died Tuesday at age 92.

Recognized for her no-nonsense style, Barbara Bush described her time as First Lady as the “best job in America.”

“Every single day was interesting, rewarding, and sometimes just plain fun,” she added.

Here are some WORDS of WISDOM we can all live by: Continue reading #WednesdayWisdom Words of wisdom from #BarbaraBush! [details]

Former 1st Lady, #BarbaraBush has passed away at 92! [vid]


Former 1st Lady Barbara Bush has passed away at the age of 92…

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