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WAKE UP JAM: ‘You’ #BadBoyFamily feat. #FaithEvans #112 #CarlThomas #HezekiahWalker & more [vid]



Be Inspired! A little INSPIRATION to start the day off. I JUST found out about this SONG all these years later. I think it came out in 2001 and apparently there was a whole Bad Boy gospel album in the works, but it was never released. AT ANY RATE, I found it and I like it A LOT!!!

The SONG features Faith Evans, 112, Carl Thomas,Total, Mario Winans, Thelma Guyton, Asia & Ashley, Cheri Dennis, Tammy Ruggeri and Hezekiah Walker! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: ‘You’ #BadBoyFamily feat. #FaithEvans #112 #CarlThomas #HezekiahWalker & more [vid]