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#50Cent CONGRATULATES #CardiB on #SNL baby announcement! [details]


50 Cent may COME off as the BIG BAD WOLF on social media sometimes, but he showed he is a SOFTY on the inside when he CONGRATULATED Cardi B on her ‘SNL’ baby announcement REVEAL…. Cardi REPLIED too!! Continue reading #50Cent CONGRATULATES #CardiB on #SNL baby announcement! [details]


#CardiB CONFIRMS PREGNANCY in GRAND style on #SNL! [vid]


Well the RUMORS are finally VERIFIED.  Cardi B is INDEED pregnant, and she used the ‘SNL’ stage as her personal BABY ANNOUNCEMENT arena. Now we have been saying and speculating for WEEKS that the rapper was with child, but she did not CONFIRM any of the RUMORS… UNTIL NOW.

On the HUGE platform like ‘SNL’, during Cardi’s second performance she but the RUMORS out on FRONT STREET…literally.  While performing her soon to be NEXT HIT, ‘Be Careful’, Cardi, dressed in a form-fitting all white gown started her bars as the camera panned out to reveal her FULL figure and FULL BABY BUMP, you can hear the REACTION from the CROWD! Continue reading #CardiB CONFIRMS PREGNANCY in GRAND style on #SNL! [vid]

#ChloeGreen PREGNANT with #HotFelon #JeremyMeeks BABY! [details]


Jeremy Meeks is SET FOR LIFE!  The #HotFelon has KNOCKED UP TopShop heiress, Chloe Green!! Continue reading #ChloeGreen PREGNANT with #HotFelon #JeremyMeeks BABY! [details]

CardiB is indeed PREGNANT! [details]


After DENYING it for WEEKS, Cardi b finally confirms that she is INDEED pregnant!  Probably not the BEST TIME to get knocked up, but she says the ‘show’ will go on!! Continue reading CardiB is indeed PREGNANT! [details]

#LHHNY’s #LilMo REVEALED she had a MISCARRIAGE! [details]


Fans of Love & Hip Hop’s Lil’ Mo were shocked and excited when she revealed on PART one of the reunion that she and her husband Karl Dargan were expecting a child (her 6th). Unfortunately, Lil’ Mo had some sad news to reveal about the pregnancy!
Continue reading #LHHNY’s #LilMo REVEALED she had a MISCARRIAGE! [details]

#CardiB PREGNANT!? Is she or isn’t she? Let’s DISCUSS! [details]


Cardi B is TRENDING for all the RIGHT THINGS lately–breaking records, Super Bowl, music, etc. AND she is KILLING it at New York Fashion Week, sitting next to Anna Wintour and such. But is she WITH CHILD is the question! The INNANET has been BUZZING all day that Cardi B is PREGNANT with her and Offset’s CHILD!

But is she? TMZ is reporting that she is…but although TMZ got ears and EYES all over the PLACE, sometimes when it comes to stories that are of the URBAN kind, they tend to get it WRONG or DRAW a conclusion without ALL the facts taken into consideration–I’M JUST SAYING… Continue reading #CardiB PREGNANT!? Is she or isn’t she? Let’s DISCUSS! [details]

#KylieJenner REVEALS her baby’s name- #Stormi! [pics]


She’s here and she has a name.  After MONTHS of ‘Hide & Seek’ with Kylie Jenner, she gave birth and has given her daughter with rapper Travis $cott a special name–‘Stormi’.
Continue reading #KylieJenner REVEALS her baby’s name- #Stormi! [pics]

It’s a GIRL! #KylieJenner gives BIRTH! [details]


So NOW we know why Travis Scott was a NO SHOW at some recent Super Bowl EVENTS, his BABY MOMMA has given BIRTH!!! Kylie gave birth to a BABY GIRL on February 1st! Kylie’s kid came out at 4:43 PM weighing 8lbs and 9 ounces!
Continue reading It’s a GIRL! #KylieJenner gives BIRTH! [details]

‘Party of Five; #AyeshaCurry is PREGNANT with baby #3! [details]


Soon Steph Curry and family will be making reservations for a PARTY OF FIVE.  Curry’s wife, Ayesha just revealed that she is PREGNANT with baby #3!!

The chef/author and Food Network star took to INSTAGRAM to make the announcement! Continue reading ‘Party of Five; #AyeshaCurry is PREGNANT with baby #3! [details]

#KimKardashian & #Kanye REVEAL baby name! [details]



Well The Kardashian-West family has named their 3rd child!  We have been putting bets on this one–but let’s just say NO BODY WON….  Get a load of the NEW CELEB BABY NAME after the JUMP!!! Continue reading #KimKardashian & #Kanye REVEAL baby name! [details]

#KimKardashian + #Kanye welcome baby girl! [details]

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - August 29, 2016

SHE’S HERE!! Another Kardashian-West baby has arrived.  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a lot to be happy about today.  The CELEBRITY couple just welcomed their third child via surrogate. Continue reading #KimKardashian + #Kanye welcome baby girl! [details]