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#Cassie is PREGNANT! [details]



Singer and actress Cassie Ventura is PREGNANT! This comes just 8 months after announcing her SPLIT from MUSIC MOGUL, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs!! Continue reading #Cassie is PREGNANT! [details]


#RHOA News: #PorshaWilliams shares adorable snaps of 7wk old #BabyPJ! [VID]

Baby PJ is only 7 weeks old and already snatching our hearts! RHOA star Porsha Williams shares and adorable video of baby Pilar at bath time!

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Baby News! #KimKardashian & #Kanye name their 4th child #PsalmWest! [Pic]

Mother’s Day was a blessed day for Kim & Kanye. So it was only fitting that the pair would name their fourth child something MEMORABLE!

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#LHHH star #BrookeValentine reveals she had a BABY! [vid]


Happy Mother’s Day is in order for “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star, Brooke Valentine.  It was revealed over the weekend that the “Girl Fight” singer recently gave birth to a child with Marcus Black!

Black took to social media to reveal the news and to gush over his growing family!

Now we don’t know much about the baby, the pregnancy or anything at present, but what we can surmise is that a new season must be on the horizon, right? Followers of the show know the rollercoaster of a relationship these two have had. And we can guess that the road to pregnancy and birth was quite…’eventful’.

Now this is the level of privacy most celebs wish for. She was pregnant, gave birth and none of us were the wiser of these goings on!
Now that either means your team is just that good at keeping secrets from the blogs or may be you are just not that interesting for people to care. Either way let’s hope we get to see some or all of this play out in the new season that’s filming now in and around L.A.. This new season should be great! Word from the curb is that there are some fiery new additions to the cast!

Congrats to Brooke & Marcus!


#BabySussex NAME REVEALED!! [details]



We are FOLLOWING the Royals all day!  #BabySussex has a NAME, and what a NAME IT IS!!! Continue reading #BabySussex NAME REVEALED!! [details]

#RHOA NEWS: #PorshaWilliams REVEALS baby ‘PJ’s NAME in GRAND STYLE! [pics]


RHOA’s Porsha Williams just gave birth to a baby girl this week and she she went ALL OUT to reveal the baby’s NAME!!!
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It’s A Girl! #RHOA star #PorshaWilliams & #DennisMcKinley welcome a BABY GIRL! 1st PICS of ‘PJ’! [vid]

It’s OFFICIAL!, RHOA star Porsha Williams is a MOM!

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MAG TAG: #AndyCohen INTRODUCES his new son on #People Mag! [pics]


Bravo’s Andy Cohen just had his first child and he couldn’t be HAPPIER!!


“I had been hoping [my son] would have a full head of hair, and he really overdelivered,” Andy Cohen jokes to PEOPLE for this week’s issue, out Friday Continue reading MAG TAG: #AndyCohen INTRODUCES his new son on #People Mag! [pics]

It’s A BOY! Congrats to #AndyCohen! [details]



Bravo’s Andy Cohen has a lot to be thankful for!  He becomes a FIRST TIME FATHER!!
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Bravo’s #AndyCohen’s BABY SHOWER was LIT with HOUSEWIVES past & Present! [vid]


When “Watch What Happens Live” host and HOUSEWIVE’S HEAD HONCHO Andy Cohen throuws a BABY SHOWER–her REALLY throws a SHOWER! Andy’s party was SO LIT, he brought out HOUSEWIVES from all FRANCHISES past & PRESENT to CELEBRATE!

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Vanessa & #KobeBryant expecting another daughter! [details]


It looks like Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa are expecting another baby!

The 40 year old NBA legend who played his full 20 years with the Lakers announced on social media that they were expecting baby girl number 4!
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#AndyCohen is having a BABY! [vid]


The ‘Watch What Happens Live’ host and Housewives producer is taking a HUGE step in his life. He is BECOMING a DAD!!!

“Tonight, I want you to be the first to know that after many years of careful deliberation, a fair amount of prayers, and the benefit of science, if all goes according to plan, in about six weeks’ time I am going to become a father,” Cohen emotionally revealed. “Thanks to a wonderful surrogate who is carrying my future.

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