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#TheGamutt #AfterDark: #LHHH #B2K’s #LilFizz Peen! [NSFW]

The ladies in ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ star Fizz have been TALKING about him for many seasons, and now you can see what they have been TALKING about. Air Fizzo’s PEEN has made the round on the NET again!

Take a LOOK! NSFW!

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#MilleneumTour: #RazB’s SEXTAPE resurfaces! [NSFW vid]


Since B2K has been out on the ROAD, it seems that Raz B has been IN and OUT of the NEWS for one thing or another. Now it appears that an OLD SEX TAPE of Raz and his GIRLFRIEND has RESURFACED!!!
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#RazB has ONSTAGE MELTDOWN in Nashville! [vid]


The Millenium Tour has been THRILLING fans of B2K around the country for the past few weeks, but ONE member in PARTICULAR has been in the SPOTLIGHT and it’s not the LEAD SINGER, Omarion.  Raz B has been VERY VOCAL about not feeling ‘SAFE’ on tour because the group’s EX-manager Chris Stokes has been in the MIX.

Raz unceremoniously ‘QUIT’ the tour a few weeks ago, only to return hours later at the URGING of the fans and most likely his group members.  But it appears the ANXIETY came to a head at a tour stop in Nashville where Raz had what looks like a MELTDOWN on stage and WALKED OFF mid-set!
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#B2K still got the MOVES on #TheMillenniumTour stop in Philly! [vid]


Somebody told me that B2K was STRUGGLING to get the moves on the #TheMillenniumTour.  But from the LOOKS of it, they are doing JUST FINE!!  Check them out in PHILLY! Continue reading #B2K still got the MOVES on #TheMillenniumTour stop in Philly! [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #B2K ‘Bump, Bump, Bump’ feat. #Diddy [vid]





Now y’all know you were BUMPING this JAM back in the EARLY 2000’s!  Since B2K is back, let’s go back with one of their CLASSICS!

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#B2K REUNITES! Announces TOUR with #Mario #PrettyRicky & MORE! [details]


The quintessential BOY BAND of the 2000’s B2K just ANNOUNCED that they have all REUNITED and have plans to TOUR together again with a lot of HOT GROUPS and ACTs from their ERA! Omarion, Fizz, Raz-B and Boog have come together and are set to hit the ROAD in 2019 for the trek dubbed ‘The Millennium Tour 2019’!!
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