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#StephCurry #Eggplanting on Vacay with Ayesha! [Vid]

You better find you somebody that looks at you the way NBA great Steph Curry looks at his wife Ayesha!

Check out these two getting FRISKY on Vacay! We are not certain what’s about to go down after this photo-op… But whatever it was…Steph was READY! 🍆 Locked & loaded?

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#AyeshaCurry trying to get some ‘D’ from #StephCurry–gets SHUT DOWN! [vid]


Some say she was doing the MOST, other say she was just being PLAYFUL! Either way you slice it, Ayesha Curry ‘SHOOTING HER SHOT’ at her hubby Steph Curry was FUNNY as HELL…. especially since he SHUT IT ALL DOWN quick!

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‘Party of Five; #AyeshaCurry is PREGNANT with baby #3! [details]


Soon Steph Curry and family will be making reservations for a PARTY OF FIVE.  Curry’s wife, Ayesha just revealed that she is PREGNANT with baby #3!!

The chef/author and Food Network star took to INSTAGRAM to make the announcement! Continue reading ‘Party of Five; #AyeshaCurry is PREGNANT with baby #3! [details]