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WATCH: #AtlantaFX season 2 ep 5 ‘Barbershop’ [full ep]


You know how you need a fresh cut but your barber is always on some wack stuff? He’s lucky I only trust him…
The “black barbershop as sacred space” trope isn’t new; it’s made the rounds in Hollywood, the art world, academia and beyond. Unfortunately for Al, this week’s visit to a no-frills strip mall spot is steeped in none of the barbershop’s fabled camaraderie, current events catch-ups or stress release. When he stops in to get “the usual,” what he gets instead is all the worst barbershop experiences rolled into one, then exaggerated to the nTh degree and spun through the signature “Atlanta” absurdist filter.

Whether you’re a chair regular or a shop newbie, there are some cut day experiences that are universal. Tardiness, personal calls and mid-cut snacking are all garden variety annoyances. From the moment that cape snaps up, you expect to hear about the barber’s personal life and know full well you’ll be forced to watch some viral clips on a smartphone.

Al’s barber does all of this in only the first three minutes. Played to shifty perfection by standup comedian Robert Powell III, the fast-talking hustler Bibby traps Al in a bottle episode of sorts. They may not be bound to one specific location, but all of the action revolves around the two men making their way through a seemingly endless to-do list.

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WATCH: #AtlantaFX season 2 ep 4 ‘Helen’ [full ep]



When you go outside the city white people be acting different. That’s why I can’t even go to Marietta. Too weird.

“We can be good together, but only when we really have to be. And I’m slowly figuring out that maybe we don’t have to.”

That’s the sound of Van waking up to the reality of her situationship with Earn. It takes her a full day to get there, but she finally arrives.

The episode kicks off with Van getting her way … in more ways than one. Not only is Earn tending to her needs physically, he’s also agreed to accompany her to an out-of-town Oktoberfest gathering that she’s been looking forward to.

Echoes of “Get Out” ring clear during their drive. They’ve left Atlanta for the village of Helen (located in Georgia’s White County, mind you) and while cruising through the countryside, they very nearly run into a wild boar in the road. (In the film, it’s a deer.) Any fears you may have already harbored for this young black couple’s safety are now heightened, as you imagine what kind of horrors may await them at their predominantly-white destination.

But Van’s not a bit worried about how the festivalgoers will treat Earn; it’s more the other way around. “I just don’t think you’re going to like it up there,” she says, smoking weed to calm her nerves.

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WATCH: #AtlantaFX season 2 ep 3 ‘Money Bag Shawty’ [full ep]


Earn is out here making that money. Too bad he still look broke as hell. This whole city runs on stunting, you feel me? WATCH ‘Atlanta’ season 2 episode 3 BELOW!

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WATCH: #AtlantaFX season 2 ep 2 ‘Sportin Waves’ [full ep]


Selling drugs poses a difficulty; credit card scammers receive a public expression of thanks.  WATCH ‘Atlanta’ season 2 episode 2 BELOW!



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WATCH: #AtlantaFX season 2 ep 1 ‘Alligator Man’ [full ep]


‘Atlanta’ is back and boy did they come back with a VENGEANCE! The arrival of “Robbin’ Season” creates a different feel in the city. The premiere of the FX hit show’s new chapter reacquaints us with familiar faces and introduces some exciting new ones, including Katt Williams and his unconventional house pet. WATCH the quirky and enlightening season 2 premiere BELOW!


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#AtlantaFX Robbin Season 2 returns TONIGHT! #LakeithStansfield shares what to EXPECT! [vid]


‘Atlanta’ season 2 RETURNS tonight on FX and we couldn’t be MORE EXCITED!

An undisclosed amount of time has passed since the events of the first season, enough for the weather to change and for storage-facility management to catch on to Earn’s makeshift living situation. It’s “robbin’ season,” as Darius declares—a pre-Christmas period of widespread theft whose meteorological and human frostiness sets the mood for the new episodes. Relationships chill, money matters (even more than it did in the first season), and cold-blooded reptiles abound. When a transaction as simple as a movie-ticket purchase goes sour (and racist), Earn appeals for sympathy from the middle-aged white guy who’s next at the counter. The customer makes no eye contact with Earn, doesn’t speak a word—he merely lifts his jacket, and reveals a hip-mounted pistol. So much for peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. Continue reading #AtlantaFX Robbin Season 2 returns TONIGHT! #LakeithStansfield shares what to EXPECT! [vid]

WATCH: #AtlantaFX season 2 drops another CRYPTIC teaser! [vid]


‘Atlanta’ season 2 is approaching oh so SLOWLY, but at least we get another CRYPTIC teaser of things to come.  In this 2nd TEASE, we see Donald Glover’s character ‘Earn’ FALL in and out of scenes set to the tune of ‘Gap In The Clouds’ by Yellow Days.  The CLIP is APTLY-titled, ‘HEAVY ROTATION.
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