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Happy Anniversary! #TheGamutt turns 7!



As we get back to doing what we do best–BRINGING you all the ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, GOSSIP, POP CULTURE Hot Topics and SO MUCH MORE, we almost forgot to celebrate our ANNIVERsary!  That’s right, we are going into our 7th YEAR!!!!  That’s right!  We’ve been going 7 years strong and even though all the days were not SUNSHINE and ROSES, we are STILL here bringing you what you want to SEE!  I just want to thank all of the GAMMITES for coming with us this far and growing as we grow.  SEVEN is the number for good luck, right? So as we go bravely into a new year, may we have the fortune growing bigger with more subscribers, followers and viewers!  We thank you ALL for your continued support! Continue reading Happy Anniversary! #TheGamutt turns 7!