5th-ranked WR #JacobCopeland commits to #Florida, upset mom storms off, but then something special happens!! [vid]


National Signing Day is supposed to be an overwhelmingly joyous occasion for the parents of recruits. It’s the summation of a process years in the making and a guarantee that their son will play football and go to college for free.

Someone forgot to tell Jacob Copeland’s mother that.

Copeland, a four-star wide receiver, committed to Florida over Tennessee and Alabama on Wednesday in one of the more bizarre manners you’ll see. He was sitting at a table with multiple people around him, some of whom were wearing Alabama sweatshirts. The man directly behind him was wearing a Tennessee windbreaker hat and his mother, who was one of the people wearing an Alabama sweatshirt, also had a Tennessee beanie on. Notably, no one was wearing Florida gear.
When Copeland put on the Florida hat, his mom got up and left without saying a word. The ESPN announcing crew then put Copeland on the spot by asking him who the person who left is. Credit to Copeland for answering the question straightforwardly; he told them that it’s his mother and that he didn’t know why she left, but that he felt good about his decision.
No. 40 overall prospect Jacob Copeland breaks down his decision to commit to the University of Florida and why his mom walked out after the announcement. Continue reading 5th-ranked WR #JacobCopeland commits to #Florida, upset mom storms off, but then something special happens!! [vid]

#QuincyJones is spilling the REAL TEA! #MichaelJackson stole music, #MarlonBrando having sex with #RichardPryor & #MarvinGaye & MORE! [details]



Legendary producer, composer Quincy Jones gets candid…REAL candid about some of the GIANTS in popular music and the state of MUSIC today. He talks about the SECRET life of Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando and MORE! He talks The Beatles, the Clintons, Ivanka Trump and so much more.
Continue reading #QuincyJones is spilling the REAL TEA! #MichaelJackson stole music, #MarlonBrando having sex with #RichardPryor & #MarvinGaye & MORE! [details]

WAKE UP JAM: #Mario ‘Somebody Else’ feat. #NickiMinaj [vid]



I had so much PROMISE when Mario came out with this song… Let’s go back with his hit,  ‘Somedy Else’, featuring Nicki Minaj!


WATCH: #ANTM cycle 24 ep 5 ‘Beauty Is Unconventional’ [full ep]


The contestants are challenged to go against the grain and break stereotypes; with the help of beauty and social media guru Patrick Starr and super model Ashley Graham, the models must create blogs with video material. WATCH ‘ANTM’ cycle 24 episode 5 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #ANTM cycle 24 ep 5 ‘Beauty Is Unconventional’ [full ep]

Moods & Moments: #SevynStreeter ‘It Won’t Stop’ feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]

GO    go-thegamutt

Come for me
Stay for me

Rolling ’round the city
Happy to be driving with you
Just you
And your thoughts

I Dream of you and me
It won’t stop
Pulled up drop top
Til the sun sets
Still cruising
Just me and my thoughts
My thoughts of you.

Miles to go before a good night’s sleep
Just cruising
The soundtrack playing
Replaying then starting over

It won’t stop until
It’s empty
Until then, just ride
Slide with me
Feel the night air
I wish to wish it away
I dreamed a dream
And cast it away
I made a visual then blurred all the colors
I feared the perfection of the beauty before me
I sent it away
Out of fear

Chords repeat
I traveled on the wings of those lesser
Than the equal sign
I cried it away
Laid in the shades let the palms sway
Run back into the brush

The rain is coming
The tears are flowing
The seeds are growing
You heard that
It’s just lovers in the parking lot
Remembering the public eyes are on them
The voices got too loud
The souls got to proud
It won’t stop
Unless you halt the madness
Pierce the sadness
Relish the gladness
It is
And can be what you want again.

-ZAm Zhinga

Just a little something I’m working on… was listening to Sevyn Streeter’s ‘It Won’t Stop’ with Chris Brown, and that was the OUTCOME… WORK in PROGRESS…


#Unsung returns Feb 18th feat. #Silk #DeborahCox #Avant #TheBoys #TrickDaddy & MORE! [details]

Unsung (1)

ALL NEW episodes of TVone’s HIT series ‘Unsung’ return February 18th and check out the AMAZING lineup!!




#Temptations singer #DennisEdwards ABUSED shortly before DEATH, court docs allege! [details]


It is HARD to believe someone would do this to the elderly, but word from the CURB is that Temptations, lead singer, Dennis Edwards was ABUSED shortly before his death.  The ABUSER will SHOCK YOU! Continue reading #Temptations singer #DennisEdwards ABUSED shortly before DEATH, court docs allege! [details]

#KylieJenner REVEALS her baby’s name- #Stormi! [pics]


She’s here and she has a name.  After MONTHS of ‘Hide & Seek’ with Kylie Jenner, she gave birth and has given her daughter with rapper Travis $cott a special name–‘Stormi’.
Continue reading #KylieJenner REVEALS her baby’s name- #Stormi! [pics]

HOT SHOT of the DAY! Cast of #BlackPanther in #SouthKorea! [pics]


Now is this a GREAT SHOT? The CAST of ‘Black Panther’ in South Korea!

via: THR

The stars of Black Panther kicked off the movie’s international tour this week in South Korea, where key action scenes were shot, and were eager to discuss the political aspects of Marvel’s most diverse franchise. Continue reading HOT SHOT of the DAY! Cast of #BlackPanther in #SouthKorea! [pics]

WATCH: #LHHNY season 8 ep 14 ‘St. Maarten’ Part 2 [full ep]


Bri and Kiyanne come face to face and things go completely left; Jaquae spends the night with an unexpected person; Remy tells Mariah she has to think over the collaboration; Jaquae tells Kiyanne about his spending the night with somebody. WATCH ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ season 8 episode 14 BELOW!
Continue reading WATCH: #LHHNY season 8 ep 14 ‘St. Maarten’ Part 2 [full ep]

WATCH: #LHHMIA season 1 ep 6 ‘Saints & Sinners’ [full ep]


Bobby and Malik vie for Jeffrey’s love; Veronica airs out her grievances with Jojo; Trina gets in the middle of Joy and Trick Daddy’s divorce; a sudden loss leads Gunplay into a downward spiral. WATCH ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’ season 1 episode 6 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #LHHMIA season 1 ep 6 ‘Saints & Sinners’ [full ep]

#TheQueensCourt MELTDOWN! #Khia makes #TSMadison CRY, #MoNique pleads! [vid]


Well it’s MONDAY…well it was when all HELL broke loose on the UBER-popular ‘The Queen’s Court’ LIVE Facebook viewing.  For those that DON’T know, ‘The Queen’s Court’ is a PODCAST of sorts featuring OPINIONATED rapper Khia and social media sensation, TS Madison.  The ladies discuss TRENDING TOPICS of the moment with their own JUICY spin and P.O.V.’s  Now I don’t follow the show, but my people let me know that they have QUITE a following on MONDAY NIGHTS.

Well this past Monday was supposed to be this BIG sitdown with Mo’Nique.  We all know what Mo’Nique has been dealing with after exposing Netflix.  Khia and TS Madison have been VOCAL about their stance and Monday was supposed to be THE night to HASH things out.

Well, word from the CURB is that the SHOW was PLAGUED with technical difficulties, audio and lighting issues and the WHOLE NINE.  At one point Khia WALKS OFF leaving her partner in CRIME in TEARS!  Mo’Nique is on the LINE pleading for Khia to come back and talk things out.  Check out the DRAMA in the clips below!
Continue reading #TheQueensCourt MELTDOWN! #Khia makes #TSMadison CRY, #MoNique pleads! [vid]

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