WATCH: #LeaveItToStevie season 2 ep 1 ‘Get Out’ [full ep]


Savannah convinces Stevie to see a hypnotist to cure his womanizing ways; Stevie Jr. attempts to break into the modeling world. WATCH ‘Leave It To Stevie’ season 2 episode 1 BELOW!



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#ToniBraxton performs ‘Long As I Live’ on #MegynKelly! [vid]


Toni Braxton’s latest project ‘Sex & Cigarettes’ is OUT NOW everywhere!  Go DOWNLOAD that–it’s a BOP.  her latest single, ‘Long As I Live’ is racing up the charts hot off its release–LIVING LEGEND status of course.  Toni took her latest hit to the ‘Megyn Kelly’ show for a SMOOTH yet ENERGETIC performance…take a LOOK!! Continue reading #ToniBraxton performs ‘Long As I Live’ on #MegynKelly! [vid]

#LilXan ‘performs’ #Tupac’s ‘California Love’ after calling the ICONIC rapper ‘boring’. [vid]


Remember a few weeks ago when rapper Lil Xan made comments about the ICONIC rapper, Tupac’s music being BORING!?  If you missed that revisit HERE.  Xan caught a LOT of FLACK for his comments about Pac and was even CHASED down by some Tupac fans–the event warranted the POLICE escorting Xan to safety.  At any rate, in a RECENT performance, the ‘Betrayed’ rapper attempted to perform a CLASSIC from the LATE GREAT rapper’s catalog of HITS–‘California Love’. Continue reading #LilXan ‘performs’ #Tupac’s ‘California Love’ after calling the ICONIC rapper ‘boring’. [vid]

WATCH: #TeyanaandIman season 1 ep 1 ‘Meet The Shumperts’ [full ep]

Singer and actress Teyana Taylor and NBA star Iman Shumpert are newlyweds and new parents who are ready to take on whatever life throws at them. WATCH ‘Teyana & Iman’ season 1 episode 1 ‘The Family That Slays Together Stays Together’ BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #TeyanaandIman season 1 ep 1 ‘Meet The Shumperts’ [full ep]

#Beardgang men shave off their BEARDS! Watch the REACTIONS! [vid]


DO BEARDS make the MAN!?


You ever wondered what lies beneath your friend’s, boyfriend, crush, etc’s BEARD?  Some people actually NEED their beards.  I mean their whole face and PERSONA changes.  But what if they went without their HAIRY ACCESSORY?  This is interesting to me because all the potions in the world would not allow me to grow a beard–i can barely grow a light mustache.  WISH I COULD, but it ain’t happening and I am ok with that….well maybe not…but it is what it is.  Three men took the task of shaving their MANES and get a load of the REACTIONS to a CLEAN-SHAVEN FACE! Continue reading #Beardgang men shave off their BEARDS! Watch the REACTIONS! [vid]

NEW MUSIC: #KanyeWest ‘Southside Serenade’ [audio]

attends Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 on February 11, 2016 in New York City.

We know Kanye is HAULED UP in a Wyoming studio making new HEAT, it seems as if some ‘NEW MUSIC’ has found it’s way out of secrecy.  No word on where this song will appear, or when it was made, but it does appear to be an ODE to his mother, Donda West.

Enjoy the demo befor the link is removed.  We will figure out the DETAILS later…
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On This Day.. in 1996 #JayZ dropped ‘Ain’t No Nigga’ feat. #FoxyBrown [vid]


ON THIS DAY in 1996 (March 26th) JAY-Z dropped a CLASSIC!!! “Ain’t No Nigga” is the second single from the rapper Jay-Z’s first album, Reasonable Doubt, and is featured on the soundtrack to the 1996 Eddie Murphy movie, The Nutty Professor. It features a long verse of rapping from a then 17-year-old Foxy Brown. Continue reading On This Day.. in 1996 #JayZ dropped ‘Ain’t No Nigga’ feat. #FoxyBrown [vid]

#WhoBitBeyonce? #TiffanyHaddish alleges an ACTRESS bit Bey in the FACE at an afterparty! [details]



There has been A LOT of clamor about the night comedian Tiffany Haddish met Beyonce at a concert AFTERPARTY.  Now the comedian is alleging at said party a WELL KNOWN actress BUT Beyonce in the face at the party! Continue reading #WhoBitBeyonce? #TiffanyHaddish alleges an ACTRESS bit Bey in the FACE at an afterparty! [details]

WAKE UP JAM: #ArethaFranklin ‘Rock Steady’ [vid]



It’s not TOO late to wish the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  This LIVING ICON celebrated her 76th birthday on yesterday March 25th.  So let’s go back a bit with Aretha’s HIT, ‘Rock Steady!
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NEW VIDEO: #LHHMIA’s #AmaraLaNegra ‘What A Bam Bam’ [vid]


“Love & Hip Hop Miami’ BREAK-OUT star Amara La Negra is HEATING up this SPRING with the release of her LATEST, ‘What A Bam Bam’!  See if you can CATCH that SAMPLE….you’ve heard it before.  This LUSH vibrant VIDEO is sure to put her in GOOD position for the 2nd Quarter…. Expect BIG THINGS from this one…WATCH.
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WATCH: #TWD The Walking Dead season 8 ep 13 ‘Do Not Send Us Astray’ [full ep]


Trouble arises when unexpected visitors arrive at the Hilltop and the community is thrust into action; heartbreaking discoveries are made. WATCH ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 episode 13 BELOW!

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WATCH: #RHOA season 10 ep 17 ‘ReMARCable’ [full ep]


Tyrone makes an exciting proclamation to Shereé, while her daughter comes home from college and grills her about the romance. After her abrupt exit from Barcelona, Porsha blows off some steam with Rickey Smiley–ON ROLLERSKATES. Kandi worries that dropping NeNe from the Xscape Tour will cost them their friendship, while NeNe teaches her son Brentt to learn from her mistakes. Kenya returns to Atlanta to screen her domestic violence PSA, and a surprise guest shuts down the haters for good–but still can’t stop the SHADE! WATCH ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 10 episode 16 BELOW!


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