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#Froth- A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Froth

Morning comes to soon
The light chases out the shadows of yesterday
Or did it?
One got away and looms over your head

It’s time to wake up
You gotta gotta get up
Every toss and turn takes away from the time

You need it like wine
The elixir of the time
Caffinated bliss
Walking in and out
Its a hit or miss
Two pumps, 1 shot
And then the foam
On top
Power on the bottom

Now you gotta gotta get up
And go. Continue reading #Froth- A Poem


#MayaAngelou ‘Still I Rise’ [vid]

Maya Angelou_ Still I Rise

Today marks what would’ve been Maya Angelou’s 90th Birthday!  We kick off the celebration of her life and legacy with her ICONIC poem, ‘Still I Rise’! Continue reading #MayaAngelou ‘Still I Rise’ [vid]

#Captivating: A poem


via Daily Prompt: Captivating

Cathedral ceilings
The strokes so pristine
So clean
The story of the ages
Scrolled up high

The pyramids in the sand dunes
Ruins but never ruined
The gold and the black
The history laid on backs
Still we remember
But today they want to wash it all away
A print a new tale
But history tells the real story

To soar above all and look down low
Seeing the tiny things
Move to and fro
The turtles are out again
Even in the shallow waters
The turtles dart out and you remember
If they can swim so can you…
So you keep going and wish for a better day
So captivating

Snow capped peaks
Be quiet no on speaks
Don’t disturb the splendor
Just absorb what is in front of you and take in the fresh air

The corners of you mind
With all that spare time
New tales waiting to be shared
There is much to do about nothing
Just waiting for you to put it in motion
Captivating is the creative mind
The busy brain and neurons
It goes
Then you sit idle
And it jars your senses
It’s time to act
On all that has manifested
In the cortex
You feel vexed, but there is still time.

Just do it…
The time is now
Captivate them all
They have been waiting.

-Zam Zhinga

Branch-a poem

via Daily Prompt: Branch


Reaching, stretching
Extending far beyond the eyes…
Scamper out on the edge to see if it will support your weight
But wait.
Be cautious.
For there are those below that wish to see you fall
As the bough breaks
So will you
If you are not ready
the branch
It is sturdy
Strong enough to withstand the forceful winds
Resilient enough to bend and give when needed.
The branch connects us all…


Home to the fruit
Bearer of the seed
Provider of the leaf
Conduit for the ants
Perch for the bird
Swaying in the wind is the branch
Strong, yet willing to bend
As we all should be
We can all be bearers, providers and means for support..
Such is life and life is everyday
The same
More different than yesterday
Still the same
At least some days there must be rain
So the branch can prosper and thrive
Such is life
And the people that live it.

-Zam Zhinga

Fabric-a Poem

via Daily Prompt: Fabric


Straight from the eye of the needle
The smallest inkling of change
Smooth and sheen
Like silk
These are the threads that bind
To make a seam

Strong and reinforced
Like the ties that bind
The fabric of togetherness
That lasts all seasons
Many rhymes but only one reason

Runway ready
Or back alleys before dawn
The fabric of the night.
The feathers and lace fall to the floor
As the dollars are laid upon the dingy nightstand
By morning you will hate the fury of the night
Walking, running
Dipping in and out of sedans
This is the moonlight bride’s plight.
Splash some water
On your face
And look at the image in the cracked mirror
Are you ready now for the fight?
The fight of your life
To get back what you once held so dear
The fabric of togetherness
The leather woven against the sheer
The smooth and the rough
The silk and the polyester
The wounds of yesteryear, they dry and they fester
Shake it off.
The memories come flashing back trying to derail your plan
The bewitching hour is close at hand
Time to don the fabrics of the night
For another
And circumstance
Take a ride,
Take a chance…

The hard and the soft meet again
Textiles and exile
The fabric of the night…

-Zam Zhinga

Above-a poem

via Daily Prompt: Above



From up high
Looking down low
Sweeping, gazing, grazing
Atop the mountain from here looks so far
From up high is where all the bounty flows.
The ins and outs
The ‘whys’ and ‘whatevers’
Do we ever really know
But Faith
Guides the way

It is the light
And with light comes vision
With vision
Comes understanding
With understanding comes patience.

Use your time to learn
Others are sometimes chained to their own mind
Not knowing just how powerful
A thought can go
If guided and nurtured and honed.

From above
You see you and how you used to be
You see just where you should go and who you ought to be
Outside of you own train of thought can be
But rewarding.
Scary, yet enlightening.

Challenge yourself to do better
Move faster
Think higher
Judge less
Evaluate more
And listen.

From above
These things are all revealed…in time.

-Zam Zhinga

DIM- a poem

via Daily Prompt: Dim


Dim is the cloak that covers me
It shields my eyes
Making the path ahead
Almost impossible to see.

Dim is the glimmer of hope
That escapes your mind’s
Spare time
Spare rhymes
Two dimes
And then still short by 5.
No fare, no ride
So you are left
On the mean sidewalk
Waiting and wishing

Dim is the faint light
Up ahead that has guided your way
Through the darkest of nights
The most brutal of fights
Just a glimmer of hope
As the angry sun
Chased away all uncertainty
But shone the light on your doubts
Can I?
Should I
Will I?

Is the phase before the light
The time right after the fall
The layover to the call
The pit stop before winner takes all.

Dim is
Dim is replaced by shining, glowing
Flashes, splashes of greatness
Touches of bounty
And waves of praise.

Dim is….

—Zam Zhinga



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via Courage — The Daily Post

The STRENGTH to know you are worthy..Worthy to be HEARD! Move past the doubts and fears, and LIVE!


Moods & Moments: #Sza ‘The Weekend’ [vid]

 A Love Bizarre


Sent the text early
Well thought out
Calculated for success
The bubbles never showed up
No response yet.
Just wait.
It will be worth the time…

One word is the
Read between the lines
But you read outside the lines
Contextual versus factual
The narrative is yours to create.

*read the rest after the JUMP! Continue reading Moods & Moments: #Sza ‘The Weekend’ [vid]

Moods & Moments: #SevynStreeter ‘It Won’t Stop’ feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]

GO    go-thegamutt

Come for me
Stay for me

Rolling ’round the city
Happy to be driving with you
Just you
And your thoughts

I Dream of you and me
It won’t stop
Pulled up drop top
Til the sun sets
Still cruising
Just me and my thoughts
My thoughts of you.

Miles to go before a good night’s sleep
Just cruising
The soundtrack playing
Replaying then starting over

It won’t stop until
It’s empty
Until then, just ride
Slide with me
Feel the night air
I wish to wish it away
I dreamed a dream
And cast it away
I made a visual then blurred all the colors
I feared the perfection of the beauty before me
I sent it away
Out of fear

Chords repeat
I traveled on the wings of those lesser
Than the equal sign
I cried it away
Laid in the shades let the palms sway
Run back into the brush

The rain is coming
The tears are flowing
The seeds are growing
You heard that
It’s just lovers in the parking lot
Remembering the public eyes are on them
The voices got too loud
The souls got to proud
It won’t stop
Unless you halt the madness
Pierce the sadness
Relish the gladness
It is
And can be what you want again.

-ZAm Zhinga

Just a little something I’m working on… was listening to Sevyn Streeter’s ‘It Won’t Stop’ with Chris Brown, and that was the OUTCOME… WORK in PROGRESS…

Moods & Moments: #KendrickLamar ‘LOVE’ [vid]


Do you even
Just to get even
Do you want?
Want what I want?
Only for the now
Do you know what
I need

Do you you even love me
I need to love me like
I want to be loved
Am I in the way
The space is occupied
I went to the window
An asked do I qualify
I want to be with you
Just not all the time

The air is cold
The vibe is cold
You tried to talk
But all I do is scold
Falling all over
Falling in and out of

Hot and heavy
But after the 3rd
It’s tense again
Then the 5th it’s
Completely off.
Leave my sight
Then panic
It’s a fight or a flight
The games we play
With no regard
The directions made up as we go
Past go.
Get no
Get none
No love

You know me
The worst me
And sometimes the best
The secrets you keep
I know some too
I be looking for you
You looking for me
But trust not
Want not
No love.
Just lost in the sauce
The glaze of it all
The gaze before the fall
Then you threw it all away
Tore the hem before the fray.
Ran it away
Sexed it away
Blew it away
Tucked it away in the big book on the farthest shelf
Where the dust falls…
I just ran away.
Ran away from
—–Zam Zhinga

Just something that came organically from my mind while listening to ‘LOVE’ by K-Dot, so I ran with it and THAT was the outcome…  Let’s MELT INTO THE NIGHT with the MOODS & Moment jam of the day…. Continue reading Moods & Moments: #KendrickLamar ‘LOVE’ [vid]

Moods & Moments: #DiddyDirtyMoney ‘Angels’ [vid]

Angels with dirty faces 

As I                                dirtymoney-angels-thegamutt

Once was

I am no more

Fell from heaven

As if  my wings were clipped

Flew too high
Got too comfortable
Pushed it til it was too close to the edge
I am not him anymore.
The halo has lost his luster
The strength to go on again
I must muster
The eyes tell no lies
Look behind those obsidian pools
The window to the soul that weep
The tear-drenched garments fall
The water runs down leaving a trail
Down the cheeks of the angels with the dirty faces
Trading insults, trading spaces
The walls are closing
The tomb doors chasing out the light
If you don’t want to stay you can go on..
Don’t you hear them calling you?
If you answer, your time is running out
If you ignore are you turning your back
Or turning the page
The flames engulf
Or is it just the rage
I snatch the crumbs from your plate
To save for later
I gather and horde for not knowing when the next crumb will drop
The next swill of the chalice to fall
Will it quench the thirst?

You can only wish
That the next plate of revenge will appear to their favorite dish.
Under the guise of savior, but still just a foot on the neck of the angels with The dirty faces.

Hues for fools, but who really has the most to
The eyes water and runover with the pain from the other day
The worst day
You shouldn’t have been there in the first place
Not for you, not your taste
The yeast in the stale bread has settled
The ale from the chalice has lost it’s richness
Snatch the crumbs and savor the gravy.
When they call for you will you answer
In the center of the fire is calmness
Coolness, on my cool tip
Then most angels’s wings they will sure to clip
And you will fall back to Earth
Defeated with vengeance darkening your heart
Use the back of you hand to wipe your dirty face
They are still calling
Clawing at who you used once were and the tattered garments
Fall to the floor
You are free now.
–Zam Zhinga

Just a LITTLE something that came off the top of the head as I remembered my own life and inspired by Diddy-Dirty Money’s ‘Angels’….Now let’s melt into the NIGHT with that.