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Video footage and Police report REVEALED from #WandaSmith #KattWilliams comedy club altercation! [UPDATED vid]


We REPORTED this morning (September 17) that Wanda Smith of V-103-Atlanta had a RUN in with Katt Williams after that EPIC roasting he gave her the other day.  We also reported that Smith’s husband allegedly pulled a gun on Williams later that night at a comedy club in Georgia.  Well, we can drop the ‘ALLEGED’ because the POLICE report and VIDEO FOOTAGE of the altercation has been RELEASED!! Continue reading Video footage and Police report REVEALED from #WandaSmith #KattWilliams comedy club altercation! [UPDATED vid]


WATCH: #AppleEvent 2018 LIVESTREAM here at 10AM PDT! [vid]



It’s almost FALL, so you know it’s about time for the Apple roll-out of NEW PRODUCTS!

iPhones! Apple Watches! More Apple announcements! We’re just hours away from Apple’s big fall hardware event where the company is expected to show off the phones, smartwatches, accessories, and software updates for its suite of products. Continue reading WATCH: #AppleEvent 2018 LIVESTREAM here at 10AM PDT! [vid]

REMEMBERING #September11th…17 years later! [vid]


Today marks the 17th anniversary of the TERROR ATTACKS on September 11th.

On this day, we honor and remember the innocent lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001. Seventeen years later, we’re reminded not only of the loss & devastation, but also of the courage & resolve shown by so many Americans in response. Let us also say a prayer for those who serve and all who have sacrificed in our ongoing fight against terror.

On the anniversary of 9/11, people remember those who lost their lives in the tragic attacks and pay tribute to the bravery of first-responders.

Happy #LaborDay!! [details]


Can you believe it is already LABOR DAY!!?? The YEAR is FLYING by FAST! But just what is LABOR DAY!?

Labor Day in the United States of America is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country. It is the Monday of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend. It is recognized as a federal holiday.

Continue reading Happy #LaborDay!! [details]

#ArethaHomegoing: #ArianaGrande performs ‘Natural Woman’ [vid]


920x920 (2)

Aretha Franklin’s MEMORIAL SERVICE is STREAMING LIVE right now! In case you missed it ‘Sweetener’ singer, Ariana Grande performed a CROWD-ROUSING rendition of ‘You Make Me Feel (Natural Woman). Some CRITICS remarked about her BLACK MINI-SKIRT being INAPPROPRIATE for the service while others said she should’nt have been on the program at all… BOTH CRITIQUES are mundane seeing that Grande KILLED that song! Take a look for yourself!
Continue reading #ArethaHomegoing: #ArianaGrande performs ‘Natural Woman’ [vid]

LIVESTREAM: #ArethaFranklin’s MEMORIAL SERVICE here! [vid]


YOU can WATCH Aretha Franklin’s HOMEGOING CELEBRATION LIVE all day here! Stevie Wonder and Bill Clinton have already arrived!


What to expect at Aretha Franklin’s funeral service:

Who’s performing: An all-star lineup that includes Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Fantasia, Shirley Caesar and many more will perform at Aretha Franklin’s funeral on Friday morning.

Also slated to perform are Ron Isley, Chaka Khan, Yolanda Adams, Jennifer Holliday and Aretha Franklin’s son, Edward Franklin.
Continue reading LIVESTREAM: #ArethaFranklin’s MEMORIAL SERVICE here! [vid]

GRAPHIC video feed from the #JacksonvilleShooting tournament! [vid]


The Madden Tournament which lead to the mass shooting in Jacksonville was being LIVESTREAMED on TWITCH at the time the LONE GUNMAN DAVID KATZ  started shooting!  You can see and HEAR just what happened.  We caution you this is some very GRAPHIC AUDIO you will hear!

Continue reading GRAPHIC video feed from the #JacksonvilleShooting tournament! [vid]

UPDATE: #JacksonvilleShooting- Three KILLED including the shooter #DavidKatz! [details]


Two people were killed and 11 others injured when a gunman opened fire Sunday at a popular waterfront mall in Jacksonville, Florida, where a video game tournament was being held. Graphic recordings from the scene captured gunshots ringing out and the screams of terrified patrons taking cover.
Continue reading UPDATE: #JacksonvilleShooting- Three KILLED including the shooter #DavidKatz! [details]

Security guard #MikeDargy FIRED for ordering RACIST #TrayvonMartin drink! [vid]

People seem to think it is FUNNY to be BLATANT:Y racist in 2018, but some are learning the HARD way that it is NOT! Mike Dargy is another person to learn that much of SOCIETY is fed up with racism!

A public safety officer who reportedly ordered a “Trayvon Martini” from a black bartender in Missouri lost his job after social media backlash.

A Facebook user who goes by Alobar Bandaloop posted about the incident on Monday. Bandaloop said that Mike Dargy — who worked as a security guard in the Westport neighborhood in Kansas City — ordered the drink. Continue reading Security guard #MikeDargy FIRED for ordering RACIST #TrayvonMartin drink! [vid]

Happy #ObamaDay! The 44th #POTUS turns 57! [details]


This is a great day indeed! Our 44th POTUS is celebrating his 57th birthday today! Let’s ALL wish him a very warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MANY MORE!

Continue reading Happy #ObamaDay! The 44th #POTUS turns 57! [details]