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SNEAKER HEADZ: #KanyeWest to DROP $14k Snakeskin #Yeezys! [pic]


Sneaker Headz start saving your pennies…and that will be a LOT of PENNIES for this purchase.  WORD FROM THE CURB is that Kanye West is set to DROP some new Yeezy Boosts with a hefty price tag– $1400 to be exact!  TAKE A LOOK after the JUMP!
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GET THAT LOOK! #Rihanna for #FentyxPuma Spr/Sum 2018! [pic]

Rihanna and Slick Woods SERVE on motorbikes for #FentyxPuma Spring/Summer 2018 campaign.


Pretty hot, right?

The BEST of #NYFW Fall/Winter 2018-19 via #MarcJacobs #MichaelKors #OscarDeLaRenta #TheBlonds #RafSimons & MORE! [vid]


It’s a WRAP for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019-19!  Next  stop, London, but before we get to the UK, let’s revisit some of the BEST SHOWS of the WEEK in case you missed out!

Raf Simons-


This season marked Raf’s one-year anniversary in New York, holding a spot as the week’s biggest headliner. Placing everything into context, the collection, dubbed “Youth In Motion,” took cues from Uli Edel’s cult 1981 film Christiane F., which chronicles teenage drug abuse during Cold War-era Germany, and Cookie Mueller and Glenn O’Brien’s mid-1980s tragic-comic play Drugs. The outerwear, tartan suiting, satin cargo pants and latex evening gloves were a particular highlight, and while the literal references presented via the graphic pieces – “Drugs,” “XTC,” “LSD,” “GHB,” “2C-B” – were controversial, they weren’t done in vain. Raf always seeks to raise a dialogue about the things that inspire him, how you react to them afterwards only supplement the story he’s trying to tell.
Simon’s runway was a juxtaposition of classic opulence and contemporary looks for a modern day gentlemen. WATCH the FULL SHOW after the JUMP! Continue reading The BEST of #NYFW Fall/Winter 2018-19 via #MarcJacobs #MichaelKors #OscarDeLaRenta #TheBlonds #RafSimons & MORE! [vid]

MAG TAG: #MaryJBlige is a VISION for ‘New York’ mag! [pics]


Mary J. Blige is a VISION on the UPCOMING edition of ‘New York’ magazine!

“I learned that I’m a powerful woman because I don’t have to say much to be heard.” Continue reading MAG TAG: #MaryJBlige is a VISION for ‘New York’ mag! [pics]

What to expect from #QueerEye reboot on #Netflix! [vid]



Queer Eye

Did you know that there was a ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ REBOOT in the works!? I didn’t, but it’s a THING and it’s coming to Netflix in February!  Picture this… Continue reading What to expect from #QueerEye reboot on #Netflix! [vid]

#TheGamutt is BACK!


WE ARE BACK!! The Gamutt was down for a minute or two for a much needed REVAMP!  Still in the MAINTENANCE phase as we work out some KINKS, but just let it be known…WE ARE BACK IN HERE!!!  I remember my first post about 7 years ago, I wrote a story about SKITTLES! Yes.. I didn’t know what I was doing but I know a little more RIGHT NOW than I did back then….skittles-thegamutt

THANK YOU SKITTLES! AND THANK YOU FOR THE FOLLOWERS that have supported us over the years and waited for our RETURN!  2018 is going to be GREAT!!!!