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WATCH: #AtlantaFX season 2 drops another CRYPTIC teaser! [vid]


‘Atlanta’ season 2 is approaching oh so SLOWLY, but at least we get another CRYPTIC teaser of things to come.  In this 2nd TEASE, we see Donald Glover’s character ‘Earn’ FALL in and out of scenes set to the tune of ‘Gap In The Clouds’ by Yellow Days.  The CLIP is APTLY-titled, ‘HEAVY ROTATION.
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WAKE UP JAM: #Prince ‘Baby I’m A Star’ [vid]



I mean REALLY WAKE UP.  Since it seems that some people have forgotten, let’s go back a bit.  Let me REMIND you what a REAL SHOWMAN looks like, since we have some FRAUDS that want to ELEVATE themselves off the back of another.  Let’s take it back to the REAL DEAL–Prince ‘Baby I’m A Star’!
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WATCH: #ThisIsUs season 2 ep 14 ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ [full ep]

this-is-us (1)

Following a dramatic house fire, the Pearson family is forever changed on a fateful Super Bowl Sunday. WATCH ‘This Is Us’ season 2 episode 14 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #ThisIsUs season 2 ep 14 ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ [full ep]

WATCH: #JustinTimberlake’s full #PepsiHalftimeShow! [vid]


The NFL has finally let us post the footage.  Here is Justin Timberlake’s FULL Pepsi Halftime Show from Super Bowl LII!

Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis, USA - 04 Feb 2018
Credit: Photo by CRAIG LASSIG/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9353450iv) Justin Timberlake Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis, USA – 04 Feb 2018 US singer Justin Timberlake performs the halftime show during Super Bowl LII at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on 04 February 2018. The NFC Champions Philadelphia Eagles play the AFC Champions New England Patriots in the National Football League’s annual championship game.

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Critics are SLAMMING #JustinTimberlake’s #HalftimePerformance [vid]

I have not been a FAN of Justin Timberlake since ‘Nipplegate’. I have expressed why on NUMEROUS platforms. In short, HIS PRIVILEGE allowed him to get off ‘SCOTT FREE’ for the wardrobe malfunction that he cause, while Janet Jackson bore the BRUNT of the CRITICISM and SHAME.

Eagles Patriots Super Bowl Football, Minneapolis, USA - 04 Feb 2018

So my opinion maybe a bit HARSH to say the least. I caught the HIGHLIGHTS of this year’s HALFTIME SHOW. I was busy REPRESENTING #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay’ to bother to tune it. But I DID catch the HIGHLIGHTS of the performance. While it was a GREAT idea and fitting to TRIBUTE Prince–he is an ICON of the ages, and your are in his BACKYARD. It makes sense–in THEORY. But in EXECUTION, NO. Prince spoke in DEPTH about his DISTASTE for holograms and technology that ALTERS reality. Continue reading Critics are SLAMMING #JustinTimberlake’s #HalftimePerformance [vid]

#KylieJenner accidentally on purpose REVEALS 1st footage of #ChicagoWest!? [vid]

chicago-west-kim-kardashian-1st pic-thegamutt

Was it calculated or sheerly accidental, but it appears that Kylie Jenner has revealed the FIRST photos of her niece Chicago West, while revealing her OWN pregnancy!  It get’s confusing, so follow me here.

Kylie has had us in the DARK for over 5 months about whether she was pregnant or not etc.  WE ALL KNEW, it’s just that she was not giving us DAY TO DAY updates on her life as she USUALLY does on SOCIAL MEDIA.  Her baby daddy was being VAGUE as well.  SO FAST FORWARD to the 1st of FEBRUARY, Kylie gives birth!  BAMMM, now she is back to SHARING HER LIFE!  In a MONTAGE about her pregnancy and her JOURNEY, SHE REVEALS a CLIP of her HOLDING her new niece, Chicago West!!! Continue reading #KylieJenner accidentally on purpose REVEALS 1st footage of #ChicagoWest!? [vid]

It’s a GIRL! #KylieJenner gives BIRTH! [details]


So NOW we know why Travis Scott was a NO SHOW at some recent Super Bowl EVENTS, his BABY MOMMA has given BIRTH!!! Kylie gave birth to a BABY GIRL on February 1st! Kylie’s kid came out at 4:43 PM weighing 8lbs and 9 ounces!
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#JanetJacksonAppreciationDay! Rundown the BLUEPRINT of Janet’s SUCCESS! [vid]


Let’s just run down the RESUME..or shall we say  ‘THE BLUEPRINT’ of the ICONIC JANET JACKSON..JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT! CHECK OUT THE THREAD BELOW! Continue reading #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay! Rundown the BLUEPRINT of Janet’s SUCCESS! [vid]

#JanetJacksonAppreciationDay: Remember when Janet brought ‘Throb’ to #SNL!? [vid]


Picture this, it was 1994..Janet’s super HOT and SEXY ‘Janet’ album was all the rage!  Remember the TIME she GYRATED and COOED all over the ‘Saturday Night Live’ stage with a CROWD-ROUSING and EXPLICIT performance of ‘Throb’!?  WELL, you’re in LUCK!  Here it is!!

Always PUSHING THE ENVELOPE…. ‘BOOM BOOM BOOM, UNTIL NOON NOON NOON!’ Continue reading #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay: Remember when Janet brought ‘Throb’ to #SNL!? [vid]

STAR TRACKS: #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay #JussieSmollett + #Janet! [pic]


Looks like ‘Empire’ star and singer Jussie Smollett is a JANFAM as well! Check out this SUPER DOPE pic of Jussie and Janet TOGETHER! Continue reading STAR TRACKS: #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay #JussieSmollett + #Janet! [pic]