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WATCH: #SagAwards LIVE! [livestream]


The  24th ANNUAL Screen Actor’s Guild Awards 2018 is going down TONIGHT!  Don’t miss all the RED CARPET arrivals, RIGHT HERE!! Continue reading WATCH: #SagAwards LIVE! [livestream]


#Ciara is TRENDING for speaking her TRUTH about finding a MAN! Faces some BACKLASH. [details]


It’s FOOTBALL SUNDAY, but it appears that a lot of people are talking about CIARA today!  That’s the SINGER, MOM, that’s  married to this lil guy you may know by the name of RUSSELL WILSON!  She has some HITS and some FAME, and can DANCE her ASS off–remember her..YEAH, that Ciara! (* types in sarcasm*)  But now that we got the intros out the way, Ciara posted something that most would deem UPLIFTING, but a SECTOR of BLACK TWITTER seems to be UP IN ARMS about it… Here is what she said… Continue reading #Ciara is TRENDING for speaking her TRUTH about finding a MAN! Faces some BACKLASH. [details]

WATCH: #TheRapGame season 4 ep 8 ‘Swag Symphony’ [full ep]


JD challenges the rappers to use their voices as instruments and perform with drummer Tony Royster Jr. and 60 classical musicians from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra; Street Bud and Ricci Bitti struggle to remember their lyrics. WATCH ‘The Rap Game’ season 4 episode 8 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #TheRapGame season 4 ep 8 ‘Swag Symphony’ [full ep]

#BhadBhabie TRIES to diss #IggyAzalea on ‘Hi Bich’ [audio]


I suppose it is the THING to attempt a sneak diss to someone higher than you in the game to get your name out there, right?  Well Bhad Bhabie sneaks in a JAB at another WHITE femcee, Iggy Azalea on her latest, ‘Hi Bich’ remix.

The ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl who is only a teenager raps:
“Bitch don’t compare me to Iggy,” she raps on the track. “That old ho is washed and I’m lit / Wouldn’t pay her to wash up my whip / Bye broke bitch, bye ho.”

For the remix she teams up with Rich the Kid, YBN Nahmir, and Asian Doll. TAKE A LISTEN… Continue reading #BhadBhabie TRIES to diss #IggyAzalea on ‘Hi Bich’

STAR TRACKS: #LebronJames is REALLY feeling the new DRAKE cuts! [vid]


King James is REALLY feeling the new Drake music!  Check him out during his workout vibing ALL THE WAY OUT to the 6God!

Continue reading STAR TRACKS: #LebronJames is REALLY feeling the new DRAKE cuts! [vid]

#Safaree out here speaking #FACTS to the youth about social media ‘fame’ [vid]


‘Love & Hip Hop’s Safaree is known for his comedic antics on reality tv and his furs and flashiness.  But the rapper /hypeman turned reality star seems to know a lot about ‘the business’ and is out here sharing AWARENESS to the youth about the stuff they should and mostly SHOULD NOT post on social media.  See what advice SB has to drop to the kids in his impromptu PSA. Continue reading #Safaree out here speaking #FACTS to the youth about social media ‘fame’ [vid]

NEW MUSIC: #Drake drops 2-song EP ‘Scary Hours’ [audio]


Drake is BACK with new music.  Late last night or early this morning depending on how you look at it, Drizzy dropped a 2 song E.P. entitled, ‘Scary Hours’.  The project includes the songs, “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.”
Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #Drake drops 2-song EP ‘Scary Hours’

Rapper #FredoSantana DEAD at 27! [details]


We are sorry to report that Chicago rapper, Fredo Santana has passed away at the young age of 27!

While no cause of death was officially revealed, TMZ reports that the rapper born Derrick Coleman suffered a fatal seizure Friday night in Los Angeles. They are reporting that he was at his L.A. home Friday (1-19-18). We’re told his girlfriend came over at around 11:30 PM and found him dead on the floor. Continue reading Rapper #FredoSantana DEAD at 27! [details]

#RHOA season 10 midseason tease is HOT! New ‘wives’, Kenya bows out, Marlo & Porsha CLASH, NeNe BREAKS DOWN! [vid]


If you have been following season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta up until now, you may have been a little SLEEPY…. yawning even, but like Remy Ma and Lil’ Kim, the ladies are about to WAKE YOU UP!  The midseason teaser offers up a lot of DRAMA, action and TEARS!  Friends become foes and enemies become allies.  Alibis and crocodile tears are a foot and the ‘FRIENDS’ of the wives enter with a much-needed BOOSTER SHOT of DRAMA.


Shamea and new friend Eva don’t get off to a good start with each other..  NeNe and Kim’s DRAMA spreads like ROACHES…literally, as these clash YET AGAIN!  Kim and Kandi go at it.. Nene breaks down, Kenya reaches her breaking point, and Eva offers up some HOT TEA about Cynthia’s beau, Will!  Who’s ZOOMING WHO??  Marlo and Porsha have a tense moment reminiscent of Porsha and Kenya at the reunion with that sceptre and Kenya maybe throwing in the TOWEL for good!  Take a LOOK! Continue reading #RHOA season 10 midseason tease is HOT! New ‘wives’, Kenya bows out, Marlo & Porsha CLASH, NeNe BREAKS DOWN! [vid]

#KimKardashian & #Kanye REVEAL baby name! [details]



Well The Kardashian-West family has named their 3rd child!  We have been putting bets on this one–but let’s just say NO BODY WON….  Get a load of the NEW CELEB BABY NAME after the JUMP!!! Continue reading #KimKardashian & #Kanye REVEAL baby name! [details]

#Jarule had time.. Ja-Rule and #50Cent Reignite beef! [details]


You may wonder why Ja Rule is trending today!? Well apparently he HAD TIME today and for whatever reason has reopened his BEEF with 50 Cent recounting an incident where 50 got an order of protection out on him out of FEAR! Does anyone remember this?? Well Ja Rule didn’t stop there, he went on a TWITTER TIRADE calling out his old NEMESIS! This is going to escalate to some HILARIOUS memes, but until then–here is what Ja Rule had to say on social media: Continue reading #Jarule had time.. Ja-Rule and #50Cent Reignite beef! [details]

NEW MUSIC: #RemyMa ‘Melanin Magic’ feat. #ChrisBrown [audio]


Remy Ma is back with another single from her upcoming ‘Seven Winters and Six Summers’.  And Remy is staying in a LANE of using the RIGHT SAMPLE and getting the right co-star–and it appears to be working.  Interpolating a well known song like Mint Condition’s ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ and getting Chris Brown on the hook was the BEST MOVE.  This alone should catapult her onto the charts.  Breezy has a HUGE fan base and it does not hurt that Mint Condition is TIMELESS…  With that being said, get into Remy’s latest after the JUMP!! Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #RemyMa ‘Melanin Magic’ feat. #ChrisBrown