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On This Day… 22 years ago #MarkMorrison released ‘Return of the Mack’! [vid]


Can you BELIEVE that on this day, MARCH 18th, 1996 Mark Morrison UNLEASHED ‘Return of the Mack’!!!!!

It was released in the United Kingdom in March 1996 and topped the UK Singles Chart a month later. It reached the #1 spot on the UK Singles Chart and #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in early-Summer 1997 for one week behind “MMMBop” by Hanson, and went Platinum! DAMN YOU Hanson for keeping him out the #1 SPOT you little DOUCHE BAGS…naw.. we like Hanson too…just not as much..LOL. Continue reading On This Day… 22 years ago #MarkMorrison released ‘Return of the Mack’! [vid]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @IAmQueenLatifah![details]


Singer, rapper, actress, producer,talk show HOST, COVER GIRL…QUEEN LATIFAH is celebrating a BIRTHDAY today!!!!!

Dana Owens affectionately known as Queen Latifah turns 48 today!!! Continue reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY @IAmQueenLatifah![details]

#JeniferLewis (black-Ish)


“Always Check the meat!” Continue reading #JeniferLewis (black-Ish)

#ChadwickBoseman & #CardiB on #SNL in April! [details]



You don’t want to miss ‘Saturday Night Live’ in April!  ‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman hosts and Cardi B PROVIDES her infectious TALENTS to the STAGE! Continue reading #ChadwickBoseman & #CardiB on #SNL in April! [details]

#Unsung- #DeborahCox SNEAK PEEK! [vid]


Deborah Cox’s ‘Unsung’ episode is going to be REVEALING to say the least.  Get a SNEAK PEEK at what’s to come TOMORROW night (March 18th) on TVone!
Continue reading #Unsung- #DeborahCox SNEAK PEEK! [vid]

#KimKardashianWest shares NEW pic of #ChicagoWest! [pic]


We have gotten GLIMPSES of Kim and Kanye’s baby girl, Chicago, but now we FINALLY get to see her CLOSE UP—no FILTER!

On February 26, the reality star posted the first filtered photo of her daughter on Instagram, with the mommy-daughter duo donning pink teddy bear ears. Prior to that, fans were treated to a glimpse of the baby in an 11-minute video posted by Kylie Jenner, who announced the arrival of her own child, Stormi Webster. BUT HERE, Chicago is ready for her CLOSE-UP! Take a LOOK! Continue reading #KimKardashianWest shares NEW pic of #ChicagoWest! [pic]

#Diddy & #SnoopDogg riding around L.A. looking for the COOK-OUT! Can you HELP THEM OUT? [vid]


How cool would it be if LEGENDS, Diddy and Snoop Dogg POPPED up at your BACKYARD BARBIE!?? EPIC!  Well they are RIDING AROUND L.A. RIGHT NOW looking…CAN YOU HELP THEM OUT!?? Continue reading #Diddy & #SnoopDogg riding around L.A. looking for the COOK-OUT! Can you HELP THEM OUT? [vid]

#NeYo & #LilDuval are ‘BEEFING’ and it’s SUPER FUNNY! [vids]

images (2)Aliante-Access-Showroom-comedian-Lil-Duval-1-300x190

When you try to do a GOOD THING on SOCIAL MEDIA, it always seems to BACKFIRE…depending on who you are.  If Drake, Oprah, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Colin Kaepernick even sneeze….it’s PRAISE AROUND THE WORLD!  I mean, I would fall down to the FLOOR in admiration if Oprah sneezed on me TOO..THAT’s GREATNESS GERMS FLOWING..

BUT WHEN others like say, BowWow, Lil MaMa, Draya Michelle or I guess now Ne-Yo try to do a GOOD THING, they always seem to get DRAGGED back to the REALM of us COMMON-FOLK.  CASE IT POINT… Ne-Yo is on another ‘MOVEMENT’ of sorts.  He posted the some FEEL-GOOD, let’s be GROWN MEN and start LOVING our women kinda post.  HARMLESS, RIGHT? Continue reading #NeYo & #LilDuval are ‘BEEFING’ and it’s SUPER FUNNY! [vids]

NEW MUSIC: #Pharrell drops off a SURPRISE #NERD remix of ‘Lemon’ with #Rihanna & #Drake! [audio]


This is going to be HUGE!  Remember how GEEKED we were when we heard Rihanna ‘rapping’ on N.E.R.D.’s  ‘Lemon’?  WELL, DRAKE surprised the fans and dropped an OFFICIAL remix to the JOINT!  Take a LISTEN!
Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #Pharrell drops off a SURPRISE #NERD remix of ‘Lemon’ with #Rihanna & #Drake!

#RomeoMiller TEASES season 4 of #GUHH coming this SUMMER! [vid]


This SUMMER is going to be SO HOT, Romeo Miller, Angela Simmons, and the CAST of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ RETURN in MAY for a SCORCHING new season 4!  Romeo TEASED the new season with a PROMO clip he LEAKED on his INSTAGRAM page!  Take a LOOK!!
Continue reading #RomeoMiller TEASES season 4 of #GUHH coming this SUMMER! [vid]

Saturday Slingback: #TamarBraxton ‘Let Me Know’ feat. #Future [vid]


It’s ST TAMAR’S DAY!  That’s right, Tamar celebrates her 41st birthday today and we want to wish her avery HAPPY DAY and many more!  Let’s SLING IT BACK just a bit with her HIT, ‘Let Me Know’ featuring Future!

#TyraBanks RECALLS having ‘NO budget’ for #ANTM season 1! Contestants wore her clothes! [vid]




Tyra Bank’s GROUNDBREAKING show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ turns 15 this MAY!  Can you BELIEVE that!?    As the 15th  ANNIVERSARY of the show approaches, Tyra RECALLS the SHABBY beginnings of her fledgling model endeavor.  She admitted to ET’s Cameron Mathison that she put her own money and wardrobe on the line that first season because the show had such a “cheap budget.” Continue reading #TyraBanks RECALLS having ‘NO budget’ for #ANTM season 1! Contestants wore her clothes! [vid]