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NEW VIDEO: #Ciara ‘Greatest Love’ [vid]

ciara-greatest love-thegamutt


Ciara is BACK and she is GUSHING about the ‘Greatest Love’ she has ever KNOWN….. I wonder who she’s REFERRING TOO!

I’m sure Future is about to DROP 2 mixtapes tonight that SOUND exactly like the last ones… JUST KIDDING, but not really….

Let’s DIVE into Ciara’s NEWEST…. Ciara we MISSED you… Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #Ciara ‘Greatest Love’ [vid]


WAKE UP JAM: #Rihanna ‘Umbrella’ feat. #JayZ [vid]




It’s POURING down where I AM.. so a good time for an ‘UMBRELLA’, right? Good girl gone BAD Rihanna is a MOOD this merning!! LET’S GO!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #Rihanna ‘Umbrella’ feat. #JayZ [vid]

#Beyonce shares a HEARTWARMING Birthday message to #KellyRowland! [pics]


Kelly Rowland is celebrating her 38th birthday together and her BFF Beyonce posted the most HEARTFELT message for her dear friend to celebrate! Continue reading #Beyonce shares a HEARTWARMING Birthday message to #KellyRowland! [pics]

#YoungMoney PULLS OUT of #BETExperience for #NickiMinaj trolling after #CardiB Grammy win! [details]


Remember when we reported that Nicki Minaj and Cardi B would be CO-HEADLINERS for The BET Experience this SUMMER….well that’s a NO!

After Cardi B’s ‘Best Rap Album’ Grammy win last night, BET’s social media posted the following:

YEA—DIVISIVE right? Congratulating one FEMALE ARTIST while in the same breath tearing down another!
Continue reading #YoungMoney PULLS OUT of #BETExperience for #NickiMinaj trolling after #CardiB Grammy win! [details]

Moods & Moments: #HBD #Brandy ‘Scared of Beautiful [live]




by Zam Zhinga


Can you tell me why?

Terrified of busting through

Being the great one I am destined to be

We believe the lie before the truth

The enemy is one that we root

Champion the darkness over the light

I’m scared of me

Scared of the potential

To Rise

To soar.

Afraid to open…

Afraid to let people in

Afraid to be the realest me

I can be

Shatter the mirrors

Bled from the shards

Bandaged my own wombs

Pressed on

Still afraid of what was around that corner.


If not now then when?

Tell me why?

So terrified.


The light makes it hard to run from yourself.

Turn the lamp on.

What are you looking for

Ruffling through that old drawer

The poems are gone.

Only left in you mind.

Recreate and rebuild.

Freedom taken

Steps shackled…

I tripped and fell back at the starting point.

Dust in my eyes

Angst boiling over

Scared of beautiful

Fascinated with the ugliness of the lie


Go cry

Be scared…but keep going

Break down the walls and paint outside the lines

Grapple with your own truths and rise..

Darkness comes before the light…

Daylight shines before night……

Continue reading Moods & Moments: #HBD #Brandy ‘Scared of Beautiful [live]

WAKE UP JAM: HBD#KellyRowland ‘Work’ [vid]



This song STILL should’ve been BIGGER than it was…but that’s another post


Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: HBD#KellyRowland ‘Work’ [vid]

#Remembering #WhitneyHouston! [vids]


It was 7 years ago TODAY we lost ‘The Voice’, the incomparable Whitney Houston! On this day we are CELEBRATING her LEGACY and all the GIFTS she left here on Earth! TODAY we TRIBUTE our TREASURE, WHITNEY HOUSTON! Continue reading #Remembering #WhitneyHouston! [vids]

#Drake SHADES the #Grammys while accepting a Grammy. Mic gets CUT off! [vid]

You must admit Drake was LOWKEY SHADING the Grammys and what they stand for while accepting a Grammy was pretty BOLD, right!? AND GETS CUT OFF before he could finish…
Continue reading #Drake SHADES the #Grammys while accepting a Grammy. Mic gets CUT off! [vid]

Sunday Energy Shot: #Beyonce ‘If I Were A Boy/You Oughta Know Medley’ [live]


On of the BEST Grammy PERFORMANCES in my OPINION was Beyonce performing ‘If I Were A Boy’ and Alanis Morrissette’s ‘You Outghta Know’!
Continue reading Sunday Energy Shot: #Beyonce ‘If I Were A Boy/You Oughta Know Medley’ [live]

#GRAMMYS: Go Inside #RocNation’s Pre Grammy Brunch! [vid]


Nothing but EXCELLENCE, but mainly BLACK EXCELLENCE on hand at JAY-Z’s ANNUAL RocNation Pre-Grammy Brunch!

The coveted Grammy Week soiree not only boasted power couple Beyonce and Roc Nation founder JAY-Z (who wore a bespoke two-piece FRÈRE suit). It also drew others at the top of their respective business and creative pursuits including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Nipsey Hussle, Meek Mill, Janelle Monae, Miguel, Big Sean, Usher, Normani, Epic Records president Sylvia Rhone, Roc Nation CEO Jay Brown, Atlantic’s president of black music Michael Kyser, iHeart Media executive vp of urban/hip-hop programming strategy Doc Wynter and actor/comedian Kevin Hart.


Late-morning rain threatened to dampen the party atmosphere as guests huddled under a white tent in a UCLA parking lot while awaiting shuttles to an undisclosed location. As black vans wound their way up the hills far above Sunset Boulevard, dark clouds gave way to bright sunshine as guests disembarked in front of a private residence whose long entryway was bordered on either side by white draped curtains. Above were hung small blue and yellow umbrellas while columns on either side of the doorway were covered in yellow roses. Continue reading #GRAMMYS: Go Inside #RocNation’s Pre Grammy Brunch! [vid]