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#KodakBlack CLAPS BACK at #TI! DISSES #Tiny! [vid]


It appears that the ‘BEEF’ between T.I. and Kodak Black CONTINUES. If you recall, it all spurred from Kodak’s DISRESPECTFUL comments to Lauren London in the WAKE of Nipsey Hussle’s UNTIMELY death.

Over the weekend T.I. TEASED a ‘DISS TRACK’ towards Kodak, and he is OT taking this one sitting down. Kodak got on SOCIAL MEDIA again to take a SWIPE at T.I. and this time he disses T.I’s WIFE! Continue reading #KodakBlack CLAPS BACK at #TI! DISSES #Tiny! [vid]


WAKE UP JAM: #DaBrat ‘Funkdafied’ [vid]



I would remiss if I didn’t CELEBRATE Da Brat’s 45th birthday!! One of the BADDEST femcees in the GAME and still REPPING SO SO DEF to this DAY! Happy BELATED birthday Brat! We love you!! Do y’all remember where you were when you first heard ‘BAPTIZED IN THE FUNK’!??? These were the days!!!!
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WAKE UP JAM:#Monica ‘Knock Knock/Get It Off [vid]



Let’s take it back to ATLANTA! When Monica and production from Missy on deck, you know it’s FIRE!! ‘Knock Knock/Get it Off’ was the JAM!!!
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#LilNasX BREAKS #Drake’s STREAMING record with #OldTownRoad! [details]



And just like THAT, Lil’ Nas X makes HISTORY!!!  You may REMEMBER Billboard UNCEREMONIOUSLY removed his song from the Country charts because it wasn’t  ‘COUNTRY’ enough.

Well, AFTER ‘Old Town Road’ got the COSIGN from Bill Ray Cyrus the song SOARED back up the Billboard 100 to hit #1 in the COUNTRY and now it has SHATTERED Drake’s streaming record!! Continue reading #LilNasX BREAKS #Drake’s STREAMING record with #OldTownRoad! [details]

WAKE UP JAM: #NipseyHussle ‘Double Up’ feat. #Belly & #DomKennedy [vid]





Today we celebrate the LIFE and LEGACY of NIPSEY HUSSLE!!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #NipseyHussle ‘Double Up’ feat. #Belly & #DomKennedy [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #RIPNipsey -#UGK ‘One Day’ [audio]

Nipsey Hussle



It’s TIME to TRIBUTE the LIFE and LEGACY of Nipsey Hussle. This SONG by UGK sums up just how QUICKLY life is here to DAY that ‘One Day’….you’re GONE….
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Netflix’s #BeyonceHomecoming trailer is HERE!! [vid]


So after Netflix dropped a TEASE for ‘Homecoming’ over the WEEKEND and BILLBOARDS in Times Square were lit Pink & Yellow with the same ‘Homecoming’ moniker–the cat is out the bag. Beyoncé’s DOCUMENTARY for her EPIC Coachella is coming and we have the TRAILER right here!!
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#TheWeekend getting SUED for STEALING ‘Lonely Nights’ [audio]


The Weekend is getting SUED for ALLEGEDLY RIPPING OFF a song from a group of songwriters.  The song is question is “Lonely Night’ from his ‘Starboy’ project.
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#KodakBlack BANNED by L.A.’s Power 106! [details]



Kodak Black has been a TRENDING TOPIC ALL WEEKEND LONG!  If you have been under a rock or OUT OF SPACE, Black is facing CONTROVERSY for DISRESPECTFUL comments made about Nipsey Hussle’s WIDOW, Lauren London. [Revisit that HERE]

Now it seems an L.A.-based RADIO OUTLET has BANNED the rapper because if it! Continue reading #KodakBlack BANNED by L.A.’s Power 106! [details]

#Birdman speaks on #Drake and says #LilWaynes ‘Tha Carter V’could’ve been ‘A Little BETTER! [vid]


Birdman is a man of FEW WORDS, but when he DOES speak, it is pretty damn PROFOUND.  Recently, Cash Money HEAD HONCHO spoke about Lil’ Wayne’s latest PROJECT.  In his WORDS he says ‘It could’ve been better’. And he goes on to talk about his RELEATIONSHIP with Drake and if he is STILL on the LABEL! Continue reading #Birdman speaks on #Drake and says #LilWaynes ‘Tha Carter V’could’ve been ‘A Little BETTER! [vid]