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#Jarule had time.. Ja-Rule and #50Cent Reignite beef! [details]


You may wonder why Ja Rule is trending today!? Well apparently he HAD TIME today and for whatever reason has reopened his BEEF with 50 Cent recounting an incident where 50 got an order of protection out on him out of FEAR! Does anyone remember this?? Well Ja Rule didn’t stop there, he went on a TWITTER TIRADE calling out his old NEMESIS! This is going to escalate to some HILARIOUS memes, but until then–here is what Ja Rule had to say on social media: Continue reading #Jarule had time.. Ja-Rule and #50Cent Reignite beef! [details]

NEW MUSIC: #RemyMa ‘Melanin Magic’ feat. #ChrisBrown [audio]


Remy Ma is back with another single from her upcoming ‘Seven Winters and Six Summers’.  And Remy is staying in a LANE of using the RIGHT SAMPLE and getting the right co-star–and it appears to be working.  Interpolating a well known song like Mint Condition’s ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ and getting Chris Brown on the hook was the BEST MOVE.  This alone should catapult her onto the charts.  Breezy has a HUGE fan base and it does not hurt that Mint Condition is TIMELESS…  With that being said, get into Remy’s latest after the JUMP!! Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #RemyMa ‘Melanin Magic’ feat. #ChrisBrown

WAKE UP JAM: #MariahCarey ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ feat. #Faboulous & DJClue [live]

Mariah-dj saved-thegamutt

WAKE IT UP!! I was trying to  think of a song we have not JAMMED to here on THE GAMUTT, and this lil’ ditty from Mariah Carey’s ‘Glitter’ project popped into mind.  Of course it’s a REMAKE, but MC put her stamp on it and brought along some HIP HOP FLARE to make it fresh–for the time period.  Let’s go back to a live performance of MC’s ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ with Fabolous, Busta Rhymes and DJ Clue!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #MariahCarey ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ feat. #Faboulous & DJClue [live]

WATCH: #TheFour weeks 1 & 2 [full ep]


Four talented singers fight to defend their spot on stage as they are challenged individually by new performers who are determined to replace them. The panel of judges include Diddy, Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled and Charlie Walk. The lovely host is Fergie Ferg! WATCH the 1st two episodes BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #TheFour weeks 1 & 2 [full ep]

NEW VIDEO: #Tinashe ‘No Drama’ feat. #Offset [vid]



Tinashe took a SHORT hiatus last year, but she is READY to SCORCH 2018 kicking it off with NEW MUSIC!  This time around Tinashe teams with Offset from the Migos to offer up a DANCE heavy-trap-styled BANGER in the form of ‘No Drama’!  Take a LOOK at the VISUAL after the JUMP! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #Tinashe ‘No Drama’ feat. #Offset [vid]

#Offset of #Migos ADDRESSES alleged homophobic rap lyrics! [details]


Migos rapper is feeling the STING after some lyrics from a rap song got him into a bit of HOT WATER with the LGBTQ community. Continue reading #Offset of #Migos ADDRESSES alleged homophobic rap lyrics! [details]

#TBT Throwback Thursday-Billboard Top 10 from 1-18-98 via #Janet #SavageGarden #Usher + more! [vids]




So let’s go back…say, like 20 years!  This was our Billboard TOP 10 from January 18, 1998!!



10. Ma$e ‘Feels So Good’

Continue reading #TBT Throwback Thursday-Billboard Top 10 from 1-18-98 via #Janet #SavageGarden #Usher + more! [vids]

NEW VIDEO: #JustinTimberlake ‘Supplies’ [vid]


Justin Timberlake has promised new videos, WEEKLY leading up to his February release of ‘Man of the Woods’, and he does not disappoint.  Hot off of ‘Filthy’, JT unleashes the socially conscious visual for ‘Supplies’.  In the Dave Meyers-directed clip Justin takes on the #MeToo movement, Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump to name a few.

After a LONG hiatus, Timberlake reteams with The Neptunes for this one.  JT has not worked with them since his ‘Justified’ album back in 2002!  Take a look at the LAVISH and sleek visual after the JUMP!! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #JustinTimberlake ‘Supplies’ [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #SWV ‘Can We’ feat. #MissyElliott [vid]


WAKE IT UP!!  Didn’t quite know what I was gonna pull out the crate today, so I started typing and this song came into mind.  SWV’s ‘Can We’ with Missy Elliott!  This song was featured on the ‘Booty Call’ soundtrack way back in the day…and on their album ‘Release Some Tension’–before they split the 1st time… CHECK IT OUT!
Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #SWV ‘Can We’ feat. #MissyElliott [vid]

Moods & Moments: #ToniBraxton ‘Stupid’ [audio]



Fighting against myself

Making decisions with a clouded mind

Not realizing why

The crime was mine

I’m crying on, lying on

Storytelling, trippin, back tracking

The stories unfolding, but not in sequence

Pulling characters out of thin air, just stupid missteps

That could cost a fortune

What a high price to pay

For the bed you made, just lay

But for how long?

The hands lurch forward a second then a minute then a year]


Face it, conquer that fear

Just stupid.

Stupid to dream with no action

Stupid to leap with no momentum.

Break the glass and reach

With outward arms extend above and beyond

The longest of travels takes a step to begin

You have to for your sanity.

Intelligence quota exceeded.

Get out of your head and live…

-Zam Zhinga

Let’s melt into the NIGHT…. was inspire by Toni Braxton’s ‘Stupid’ this time… Continue reading Moods & Moments: #ToniBraxton ‘Stupid’

#Migos ‘Stir Fry’ is the official song of #NBAAllStarWeekend! [vid]


Atlanta rap trio Migos just keeps on rising higher and HIGHER! The group’s latest single, ‘Stir Fry’ will be the official song of this year’s NBA All-Star weekend. This year, NBA All-Star weekend will be from Feb. 16-18 in Los Angeles–CHECK the PROMOS! Continue reading #Migos ‘Stir Fry’ is the official song of #NBAAllStarWeekend! [vid]

#JustinTimberlake talks #SuperBowl+New Music and #JanetJackson! [vid]


Ahead of releasing a new project ‘Man of the Woods’, and headlining this year’s Supper Bowl halftime show, Justin Timberlake is OPENING UP about a number of topics we’ve been wanting to know.

He recently sat down with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, and opened up about Janet Jackson and the Super Bowl fiasco, new music and why he hasn’t worked with The Neptunes since 2002’s Justified’: Continue reading #JustinTimberlake talks #SuperBowl+New Music and #JanetJackson! [vid]