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#JanetJacksonAppreciationDay MEGAMIX! [vids]



Kicking off #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay—WHY NOT kick down the door with some of her GREATEST MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS….

This compilation was created by whiterabbitmix on YouTube! Take a LOOK!
Here is the BLUEPRINT for all others to FOLLOW…. Continue reading #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay MEGAMIX! [vids]

WATCH: #JLoNow at #SuperSaturdayNight! [LIVESTREAM]


WATCH Jennifer Lopez LIVE NOW at Super Saturday!!

From her lips… #JanetJackson is NOT here for the #SuperBowlLII rumors! [details]


There have been ALL SORTS of RUMORS swirling surrounding Justin Timberlake’s SUPERBOWL halftime show.  There was the RUMOR about him paying HOMAGE to Prince in his hometown with a HOLOGRAM.  The ESTATE of the PURPLE ONE quickly shot that rumor CLEAR out of the sky. [If you missed it..revisit that story HERE].

Now there was a HUGE rumor that Janet Jackson was going to be a SURPRISE guest.  First of all, she was a guest of his before and we all know how that worked out…[In case you MISSED it revisit JT’s HYPOCRISY HERE]

Janet is NOT here for the RUMOR or SPECULATIONS. SHE CLEARS THE AIR…from her own LIPS…well FINGERS…

She wrote: Continue reading From her lips… #JanetJackson is NOT here for the #SuperBowlLII rumors! [details]

#Pink’s #SuperBowlLII performance in JEOPARDY! Singer BATTLING the FLU! [details]


As stated late last month, P!nk is SLATED to perform ‘The National Anthem’ at SuperBowl LII, but that performance of a LIFETIME for her may be a ‘NO GO’!!  The ‘What About Us’ singer is battling the nasty FLU that has been SPREADING ‘JUST LIKE FIRE’ around the nation!  Here is what we know so far about the status of her performance… Continue reading #Pink’s #SuperBowlLII performance in JEOPARDY! Singer BATTLING the FLU! [details]

WATCH: #ChildishGambino collaborates with Microsoft to bring #VR experience of #PHAROS to life! [vid]


This is an EXPERIENCE like no OTHER!! Childish Gambino again is PUSHING the envelope and bringing us something NEW and INNOVATIVE!

[via Microsoft]

The event, dubbed “PHAROS,” is a collaboration with Microsoft that works with any mobile phone and some VR headsets.

“We were looking for a special way to debut the album and we wanted to do it live with the band because they were such an integral part of the recording process,” says Wolf Taylor, manager and live producer at Wolf and Rothstein, the band’s management company, who called the event a “one-off to capture VR and debut the record before it was commercially available. We look forward to planning more PHAROS events.” Continue reading WATCH: #ChildishGambino collaborates with Microsoft to bring #VR experience of #PHAROS to life! [vid]

Rumor PATROL.. #Prince HOLOGRAM NOT performing with #JustinTimberlake at #SuperBowlLII! [details]


RUMOR HAS IT that Justin Timberlake was trying to have a GUEST PERFORMER with him for the Pepsi SuperBowl Halftime Show!

TMZ was reporting that Justin Timberlake will apparently be joined during his performance by a Prince hologram to honor the late musician in his hometown. Will they duet on “Senorita”? We are not too SURE about this, but just the THOUGHT alone does not SIT WELL with us, and we don’t know if it would sit well with the dearly DEPARTED ICON either. SO…. WE DID SOME DIGGING and found out what’s REALLY HAPPENING with this HOLOGRAM! Continue reading Rumor PATROL.. #Prince HOLOGRAM NOT performing with #JustinTimberlake at #SuperBowlLII! [details]

VIBES from the VAULT: #DennisEdwards ‘Don’t Look Any Further’ feat. #SiedahGarrett

giphy (30)

We lost a LEGEND–Dennis Edwards. Until YESTERDAY, I did not put it together that the LEAD singer of The Temptations was the same guy that sang this SONG! WHY DID I NEVER PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER? Dennis Edwards is the guy that sang
Don’t Look Any Further’! This song which features Siedah Garrett was written by Franne Golde, Dennis Lambert and Duane Hitchings. It peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Black Singles chart and peaked at No. 72 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK, the song peaked at No. 45. This song has been SAMPLED more than a dozen times from Biggie to Lil’ Wayne to gospel group Mary Mary! Let’s go back to 1984!! Oh did we forget to mention that the VISUAL for the song was called “what … might be the worst video ever”.

However, given the rudimentary style of video making utilized at the time, many believe that the video was of, at least, moderate quality. Despite its simplicity, some early video aficionados describe the video as “awesomely terrible”. Regardless of how critics view this video, most agree that it is visual accompaniment for one of the greatest soul songs of the 1980s.

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Saturday Slingback: #Prince’s 1st televised appearance! [vid]


One of the GREATEST to ever do IT-PRINCE. A musical genius, an ENIGMA, a child prodigy with mastery of over 20 musical instruments! Prince was a LEGEND–point, blank, PERIOD. Not to belabor the point, we are going to SLINGBACK to Prince’s first television appearance on NBC’s Midnight Special on January 8th, 1980.

Prince performed for the first time on live TV in a zebra-print ensemble that was just a top and a pair of underwear. With his hair perfectly flared and black thigh-high boots, the iconic singer gave the world the first offering of “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?” Continue reading Saturday Slingback: #Prince’s 1st televised appearance! [vid]

ON THIS DAY.. #MichaelJackson released ‘Remember the Time’ video on 3 networks at ONCE in 1992! [vid]


Michael Jackson is no STRANGER to breaking records and pushing the ENVELOPE.  HELL, he would create the GOLD STANDARD, then EXCEED it!  On This Day, Februrary 2, 1992, The King of Pop released the BIG BUDGET video, ‘Remember The Time’ on BET, FOX and MTV simulataneously!

This was a NEW THING to do at the time.  The 9 minute visual was promotoed as a SHORT FILM and featured Eddie Murphy,Iman, The Pharcyde, Magic Johnson, Tom “Tiny” Lister, Jr. and Wylie Draper. Directed by John Singleton and choreographed by Fatima Robinson, the video was an elaborate production and became one of Jackson’s longest videos at over nine minutes. It was set in ancient Egypt and featured groundbreaking visual effects for the time!

5 times when #TishaCampbellMartin was GREAT!! [vids]


Tisha Campbell-Martin is a TRIPLE THREAT!  She can sing, she can dance and she can ACT!  There is no DENYING the TALENT of this women.  Campbell is ‘STEEL here’ indeed!  Now with the WORLD in a fever pitch on a possible ‘Martin’ reboot, Campbell-Martin has been THRUST back into the limelight but this time around, we have SOCIAL MEDIA.

Social Media can be a GREAT medium to get your VISION across, and it can also be a WINDOW for CRITICS to PEEK into and try to TEAR YOU DOWN.

A performance clip from ‘Good Day LA’ from a year ago RESURFACED, and some FANS and CRITICS thought the performance was less than DESIRABLE…

BUT WE ALL KNOW that Tisha is an AMAZING performer so we are going to SHOWCASE 5 times when Tisha Campbell-Martin was GREAT–in no particular order… Continue reading 5 times when #TishaCampbellMartin was GREAT!! [vids]

#Temptations lead singer #DennisEdwards DEAD at 74!

Dennis Edwards examines his likeness at Eddie Kendrick Park in downtown Birmingham. Edwards’ image is part of a public artwork honoring Kendricks (who added an “s” to his stage name ) and his colleagues in the Temptations. (Joe Songer |

Sad news to report.  Temptations lead singer, Dennis Edwards has passed away at the age of 74! Continue reading #Temptations lead singer #DennisEdwards DEAD at 74!

WAKE UP JAM: #PublicEnemy ‘Fight The Power’ [vid]



Really, WAKE UP!  It’s time to band together for what’s RIGHT and JUST.  #TIMESUP!  Let’s go back to 1989 with PUBLIC ENEMY’S ANTHEMIC ‘Fight The Power’.  I remember when I was little and my older brother used to play this TAPE…yes TAPE.  I didn’t understand the GRAVITY of this stance and MOVEMENT, but I DO NOW!!  WAKE UP!


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