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STAR TRACKS: #MissyElliott is UP TO SOMETHING BIG! [vid]

The Voice - Season 9
We are not SURE just Missy Elliott is up to but HOT off of her Super Bowl LII campaigns, she is somewhere cooking up something really big…we just don’t know what yet. Check this video to see if she is dropping some CLUES that I missed…
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NEW VIDEO: #Drake gives away over 990k away in #GodsPlan video! [vid]


Drake’s new video–his latest INITIATIVE is one of the BIGGEST in hip hop history to date. Over the past few weeks, Drake has been very philanthropic and charitable in his everyday life. Now we understand what all of these acts were leading up to. At the beginning of his new video for “God’s Plan”, it starts off explaining that his team gave away all $996,631.90 USD of the video’s budget, which would explain the string of charitable gestures that Drake has taken part in recently.

The resulting visual features some of Drake’s big gestures, including paying for stranger’s groceries, donating $50k towards a student’s college tuition fees and supporting struggling families and more. Take a look!

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WAKE UP JAM: #SoundsofBlackness ‘Optimistic’ [vid]



WE NEED a little UPLIFTING! This song brings me through EVERYTIME– Sounds of Blackness, ‘Optimistic’! Let’s GO!! Don’t forget to go out and SUPPORT ‘Black Panther’ too!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #SoundsofBlackness ‘Optimistic’ [vid]

STREAM: #NipseyHussle #VictoryLap [audio]



Finally, Nipsey Hussle’s DEBUT ALBUM is HERE. The 14-piece ‘Victory Lap’ boasts appearances from Kendrick Lamar (“Dedication”), The-Dream (“Million While You Young”), CeeLo Green (“Loaded Bases”), and Marsha Ambrosius (“Real Big”),YG (“Last Time That I Checc’d”), Puff Daddy (“Young Ni**a”) among others. Continue reading STREAM: #NipseyHussle #VictoryLap

Post-#ValentinesDay Hangover- National #SidePiece Day! via #TLC #Kelis #ToniBraxton #Ceelo & more! [playlist]


It is the DAY AFTER! The day after Valentine’s Day–50% off CANDY. 50% off LOVE cards, and wilted flowers. If you are getting a BARAGE of gifts and greetings TODAY, than you are OFFICIALLY a SIDE-PIECE! Yesterday your MATE was busy with his REAL love and you had to play your position and wait for your TIME TO SHINE.


If you didn’t know, NOW YOU KNOW. You are officially number 2, so we decided to COMPILE a PLAYLIST of songs to help get you through your HOLIDAY!


Kelis ‘Caught Out There (I Hate You So Much)

Toni Braxton ‘Be A Man About It’

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WAKE UP JAM: #FaithEvans ‘You Gets No Love’ feat. #PDiddy & #Loon [vid]



It’s the DAY AFTER. Was it all you wanted? Probably not. Some are waking up realizing that they are the ONE on the SIDE. The 2nd string-B-Teamers, this is for you. Faith Evan said it best, ‘You Gets No Love’ featuring Loon and P.Diddy. I think this is just right for the occasion. Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #FaithEvans ‘You Gets No Love’ feat. #PDiddy & #Loon [vid]

Moods & Moments: #Sza ‘The Weekend’ [vid]

 A Love Bizarre


Sent the text early
Well thought out
Calculated for success
The bubbles never showed up
No response yet.
Just wait.
It will be worth the time…

One word is the
Read between the lines
But you read outside the lines
Contextual versus factual
The narrative is yours to create.

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#JanetFanAppreciation- Janet wishes her FANS a Happy #ValentinesDay! [vid]

After all the recent OUTPOURING of support Janet Jackson has been RECEIVING as of late with the #JanetAppreciation initiative, Damita Jo returns the favor. Janet took to social media to PERSONALLY wish her LEGIONS of fan a Happy Valentine’s day!!

Forever a FAN of the ICON….

ON THIS DAY.. #MichaelJackson released ‘Beat It’ in 1983! [vid]

giphy (33)

On this DAY, February 14, 1983, The King of Pop, Michael Jackson released the GROUNDBREAKING, ‘Beat It’ song!

The song was produced by Quincy Jones together with Jackson. Following the successful chart performances of the Thriller singles “The Girl Is Mine” and “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” was released on February 14, 1983 as the album’s third single. The song is also notable for its famous video, which featured Jackson bringing two gangs together through the power of music and dance, and for Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo.
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NEW VIDEO: #RemyMa ‘Melanin Magic(Pretty Brown) [vid]


Remy Ma is BACK and I think she finally has a HIT! That wasn’t shade, it was REAL. “Wake Me Up” was ehhh, good for starters, but I think the Chris Brown-assisted ‘Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown)’ may just be the TRICK to position her on the CHARTS for the release of her album ‘7 Winters and 6 Summers’.

The SELF-DIRECTED visual feature some of her ‘Love & Hip Hop’ friends, Yandy Smith and JuJu, along with Chris Brown’s SIGNATURE dance moves. Take a LOOK!! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #RemyMa ‘Melanin Magic(Pretty Brown) [vid]