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WAKE UP JAM: #Fantasia ‘Lose to Win’ [vid]



Sometimes you got to LOSE to WIN again!!  Let’s go back a lil’ taste with Fantasia’s 2012 hit, ‘Lose To Win’. Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #Fantasia ‘Lose to Win’ [vid]


#Empire’s #JussieSmollett REVEALS album cover for ‘Sum of My Music’ [details]


Empire star Jussie Smollett is GEARING up for the release of his debut album, ‘Sum Of My Music’ in March.  And yes, Smollett is a REAL, legitimate ARTIST–he just doesn’t play one on TV.  Smollett just REVEALED the cover art for his NEW ALBUM!
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VIBES from the VAULT #DaBrat ‘Pink Lemonade’ [audio]


I was at the GYM, and this song popped through my HEADPHONES, and I was like, ‘DAMN, I USED TO LOVE THIS SONG!’  Just a little UNRELEASED HEAT from Da Brat, ‘Pink Lemonade’, from her ‘Unrestricted’ album!  Check it out..that cd had a LOT of GEMS on it!!
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#Monica performs ‘Angel of Mine’ on #Kimmel! [vid]


Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Monica released ‘Angel of Mine’ from her ‘The Boy Is Mine’ album!  TIME FLIES, but Monica shows NO SIGNS of slowing down!  Celebrating 2 decades of this MONSTER HIT, Mo BLAZED the stage on ‘Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!  Take a LOOK!

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NEW VIDEO: #KendrickLamar + #Sza ‘All The Stars’ [vid]

kendrick-and-sza-served-superhero-looks-in-the-all-the-stars-video-so-we-ranked-them I could’ve SWORN we posted this one.  But it slipped my mind, I suppose.  Check out the SUPER LUSH visual for Kendrick Lamar and Sza’s song, ‘All The Stars’ from the ‘Black Panther’ soundtrack.  The the kaleidoscopic , exotic visual was directed by Dave Meyers! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #KendrickLamar + #Sza ‘All The Stars’ [vid]