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HOT SHOT of the DAY! Comedy Kings at #NBAAllStarGame- #ChrisTucker #DaveChappelle #ChrisRock & #KevinHart! [pic]



Look who was COURTSIDE at the NBA All-Star Basketball game?  It’s COMEDY KINGS, Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock and Kevin Hart!  Just imagine what THIS conversation was LIKE!!


KINGS of COMEDY indeed!!





#ChrisRock OPENS UP about CHEATING on his wife with 3 women and porn addiction in ‘Tambourine’ ! [vid]


Comedians.  They all seem to have one thing in common–they wometime lead tortured lives.  We’ve all seen the laughter, but inside–there is pain.  The pain is manifested into art.  In Chris Rock’s latest comedy special on NETFLIX entitled ‘Tambourine’, Rock taps into some of those pains.

Rock, 53, opens up about the DEMISE of his 19 year marriage to Malaak Compton.

He admits that he was “not a good husband” and candidly talks about cheating on his wife with three different women while on the road.
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Happy #ValentinesDay- Kiki’s ValenTIME’S day make-up tutorial! [vid]

Who’s going out tonight!??

kiki-valentimes-thegamuttWell a lot of the LADIES are hoping, well EXPECTING to be taken OUT tonight for Valentine’s Day, so Benji Brown via Kiki is here to save the DAY! She is going to TEACH you the DO’s and DON’TS of looking good with a NEW ‘VALENTIME’S DAY Make-Up Tutorial! So just pull out your PALETTES, and follow along, especially you ‘DRY-FACED Hoes’! LOL. Continue reading Happy #ValentinesDay- Kiki’s ValenTIME’S day make-up tutorial! [vid]

#TheQueensCourt DRAMA! #Khia NOT returning to the show! AIRS OUT #TSMadison & #FunkyDineva! TS RESPONDS! [vid]

khia-leaves QueensCourt-thegamutt
In case you MISSED it, there are DUELING videos out from the HOSTS of the POPULAR online show, ‘The Queen’s Court’. Khia released her video giving HER SIDE of the MELTDOWN that occurred when she and TS Madison TRIED to interview Mo’Nique. In the video, Khia CONFIRMS she would NOT be returning to the show in its PRESENT form after she STORMED OUT mid-show the last time. She also had some CHOICE little jabs towards her FORMER co-host TS Madison and even more jabs for her rumored replacement–Funky Dineva! She insinuates that Dineva is on DRUGS among a number of other unsavory things. The drama CONTINUES as TS Madison releases a video explaining HER side of the DRAMA.


Khia GOES IN HARD on Mo’Nique, the ‘production crew’ that MESSED up the Mo’Nique interview, and Funky Dineva! Take a LOOK! In a nutshell, Khia says the show should have STAYED the way it was..all the CHANGES and all the ‘HANDS IN THE POT’ was just too MUCH!” Khia says ‘The Queen’s Court’ WILL go on, because SHE IS ‘THE QUEEN’S COURT’!  I told you guys there was MORE to the STORY then some BAD AUDIO and LIGHTING…Khia LAYS IT ALL OUT—RAW! Continue reading #TheQueensCourt DRAMA! #Khia NOT returning to the show! AIRS OUT #TSMadison & #FunkyDineva! TS RESPONDS! [vid]

Rumor Has It.. #TheQueensCourt returns in March..minus one ‘QUEEN’? [details]


Fans of the POPULAR Facebook LIVE show, ‘The Queen’s Court’ were DISAPPOINTED this past Monday, when the LIVE feed was…DEAD.  That’s right, after the on-camera MELTDOWN [in case you MISSED it REVISIT it HERE] from last week, the ‘QUEENS’ were not in their COURT as usual.  BUT RUMOR HAS IT, the show is RETURNING with an ALL NEW SWAG in March…but they maybe SHORT one ‘QUEEN’?

This is what’s CIRCULATING around FACEBOOK from the TS Madison: Continue reading Rumor Has It.. #TheQueensCourt returns in March..minus one ‘QUEEN’? [details]

#WillSmith PROVES he knows the words to La Bamba! [vid]


Will Smith on SOCIAL media has got to be one of the BEST things to happen since… WELL, since DJ Khalid took social media by storm. The short time Smith has been on Instagram he has already amassed 8.5 MILLION followers with just over 60 posts. He always posts the most ENTERTAINING and and interesting aspects of his life.

Most recently, Will posted him with a steel drum and some musicians playing and singing to ‘La Bamba’! Continue reading #WillSmith PROVES he knows the words to La Bamba! [vid]

WATCH: #ColdAsBalls #KevinHart talks with #BlakeGriffin! [full ep]


Kevin Hart and Blake Griffin discuss Oklahoma in the early eighties, NBA Playoffs, and more in this Cold as Balls episode. These two get comfortable with comedy in a tub of ice. Get uncomfortably COMFY with Kevin and BLAKE after the JUMP!
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#RichardPryor’s wife CONFIRMS that he did sleep with #MarlonBrando! [details]

AP Photo/Lennox McLendon, Kobal Collection

Comic icon, Richard Pryor’s wife CONFIRMS that her late husband indeed did have sexual relations with actor Marlon Brando after Quincy Jones’ TELL-ALL interview with OUTED the pairs relationship!

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#TheQueensCourt MELTDOWN! #Khia makes #TSMadison CRY, #MoNique pleads! [vid]


Well it’s MONDAY…well it was when all HELL broke loose on the UBER-popular ‘The Queen’s Court’ LIVE Facebook viewing.  For those that DON’T know, ‘The Queen’s Court’ is a PODCAST of sorts featuring OPINIONATED rapper Khia and social media sensation, TS Madison.  The ladies discuss TRENDING TOPICS of the moment with their own JUICY spin and P.O.V.’s  Now I don’t follow the show, but my people let me know that they have QUITE a following on MONDAY NIGHTS.

Well this past Monday was supposed to be this BIG sitdown with Mo’Nique.  We all know what Mo’Nique has been dealing with after exposing Netflix.  Khia and TS Madison have been VOCAL about their stance and Monday was supposed to be THE night to HASH things out.

Well, word from the CURB is that the SHOW was PLAGUED with technical difficulties, audio and lighting issues and the WHOLE NINE.  At one point Khia WALKS OFF leaving her partner in CRIME in TEARS!  Mo’Nique is on the LINE pleading for Khia to come back and talk things out.  Check out the DRAMA in the clips below!
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